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Friday, October 17, 2014

Vietnam AAR: Assault on a Fire Base

We finally got our first game of FoW Vietnam in with our new Fire Base from Hallowed Ground Terrain.  This is such a cool terrain set and it really gives you the Vietnam Fire Base feel.  We intentionally played the Fire Base mission with the most possible entrenchments on our first outing with the base.

American troops await the return of their patrol in the dead of night.

Tanks and M113 ACAV guard the perimeter.

The PAVN commander orders his main force to advance toward the firebase.

While a diversionary force of sappers attacks the gate.

Waves of PAVN approach the out defenses.

The first casualty is an M113.

PAVN troops in the wire.

Well placed RPG shots knock out an American tank.

Spot lights reveal the full extent of the attack.

Another US tank is destroyed, his position overran.

PANV swarm toward the inner defenses.

The patrol returns but is caught in the open.

The first PAVN reach the Americans, but the Capitalist defenses are strong.

A second wave of PAVN start their attack.

As the remainder of the first throws itself at the Americans.

A third wave of PAVN attack another section of the defenses.

Strung out and in the open the patrol returns fire.

They are completely surrounded.

PANV close in on the gate after over running the patrol.

American troops begin to back up into the fire base.

PAVN penetrate the trenches and drive the Americans back.

The US commanders order all men to pick up their M16s and defend themselves.

Today everyone is a rifleman.

Could things get any worse a forth wave of PAVN lunches their assault.

The handful of American survivors throw up a tenacious defense.

Their counter attacks kills the PAVN XO.

As dawn approached the PAVN melt away back into the jungle.

Both sides were on edge this entire game.  Wave after wave of PAVN forced the Americans off their walls and deep into their base.  At the end of the game all that was left was mortar and command teams.  They managed to hang on just long enough and when they killed the PAVN XO the rest of the force broke.  It was an exciting games and our first with our firebase set from Hollowed Ground Terrain.  The terrain is awesome in game play and looks great with troops on the table.  We have been madly painting forces for vietnam and are planning for some even more spectacular games this winter.  Right now we are building up for a Hamburger Hill scenario.  I hope it is as epic as this game was.

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