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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing AAR: The Balance of Power - Search, Rescue, Destroy

"Contact has been lost with our Science Vessel studying geological rock formation in the Dio System.  Yesterday we received a garbled message from the ships captain indicating that something had gone wrong with the ships systems and they were abandoning the ship.  We are not really sure what is going on so we are sending you and an escort to investigate.  Find the survivors and try to figure out what happened."
Star Fleet Command

"YOU FOOL! I DON'T CARE THAT YOU WERE VICTORIOUS OVER THE ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE!  OR THAT YOU SECURED THOSE CRYSTALS! YOU LEFT EVIDENCE OF OUR ENCOURAGE INTO FEDERATION SPACE BEHIND!  WHEN STAR FLEET FINDS OUT, WHICH THEY WILL, THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY! ...  The High Command is sending you back to Dio VII to cover up evidence of our presence, frame the Romulans, and kill and survivors on the planet surface.  If you lucky when you return their will be no punishment."
-Klingon High Command

Federation - Try to assess what happened to the science vessel and rescue the crew stranded on the planet surface.  

Klingons - Destroy any evidence of the battle with the Romulans and kill the federation survivors. 

If you have not see game one of this narrative campaign and want to know what happened previously click the link below.

Star Trek Attack Wing AAR: The Balance of Power - Investigation Dio VII

The following is recording from the bridge of the Enterprise.

"Sir scanners are picking up a lot of debris, far to much to be from just one ship.  It looks like there was a battle here." (Helm)

"Ensign continue your scans, have you located any survivors yet?" (Capt)

"Yes there is a rescue beacon coming from the near side of the planet" (Helm)

"Comm.  Dispatch the Miranda to the planet..." (Capt.)

"Captain! You may want to look at this? Sensors have found what appears to be a disabled ship.  Readings indicate its Klingon." (Helm)

"Sir it is definitely Klingon." (Tactical)

"Bring it up on the display" (Capt)

"Wow, I have never seen a Klingon ship like that before." (Helm)

"Calm down ensign, its harmless.  Any power rea..." (Capt)

BOOOOOM!!! (major explosion)

"SHIT SIR! It just exploded." (Helm)

"I can see that ensign, I don't think we are alone. Comm?  Status check on the rescue effort." (Capt)

"Sir they are beaming the last of the survivors aboard the Miranda now" (Comm)

"Thank you comm.  Lieutenant shields up.  Lets find out what we are dealing with here." (Capt)

"Comm, notify the other ships to fire a full spread of phasers.  My guess is we are dealing with a cloaked ship." (Capt)

PEW! PEW! (phaser fire)


"With there shields down they'll be sitting ducks." (Helm)

"Too late sir..." (Tactical)

BOOM!!! (Major explosion)

"Sir we have lost contact with the Miranda" (Comm)

"Ensign, come about.  We are not letting this Klingon get our of Federation space alive."  (Capt)

"Sir the Klingon ship fled to the dark side of the planet." (Helm)

"The follow her ensign" (Capt)

"Sir direct hit, shields at 25%" (Tactical)

"Sir I am picking up new readings... its another ship and its firing." (Tactical)

BOOM! (Small explosion)

"Direct hit sire.  Shields down" (Tactical)

"Lieutenant, return fire." (Capt)

BOOM! (Small explosion)

"We hit their engines sir" (Tactical)

"Helm continue to pursuit, Lieutenant, lock on and fire photon torpedos!" (Capt)

BOOOOM! (Large explosion)

"We destroyed her sir." (Tactical)

"It appears the other Klingon ship is fleeing." (Helm)

"Klingons don't flee ensign, bring us about." (Capt)

"Sir we have taken a direct his to our engines, we are losing power." (Tactical)

"Engineering, I need more power" (Capt)

"Sir there is nothing left to give, she's ruptured the warp core" (Engineering)

"Our escort is coming about and trying to engage the target, but it will be a few minutes" (Comm)

"Sir enemy ship has locked on to us." (Tactical)

"I can bring her about fast enough sir." (Helm)

"There are hull breaches, on decks ten, nine, seven, and four."

"Auxiliary power is failing" (Helm)

"Medical reports an overwhelming number of casualties streaming into sick bay" (Comm)

"Give the Order to evacuate" (Capt)

"Sir they are firing torpedos." (Tactical)

BOOM! (Large explosion. Recording ends)

The remaining federation ship then continued its pursuit of the Klingon vessel.

After locking on to the Klingon ship it fired a full spread of phasers, destroying the Klingon.

Federation Summary
After arriving in the system we came under attack from an unknown number of Klingon War Ships.  The Miranda and most of the survivors from the science team were killed.  However one of the lead scientist managed to survive.  The Enterprise suffered significant damage to its engines and hull and the crew were forced to abandon the ship.  About 40% of the crew survived including most of the senior officers.  She will likely take months to repair.  In total two Klingon ships were destroyed.  We still don't know what they were doing so deep in Federation space."

Klingon Report
Contact with the task force sent to Dio was lost.  The listening post picked up signs of a large battle.  It is safe to assume they will not be returning.  Notify the Chancellor that he can expect a visit from the Federation Ambassador before the end of the day.

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