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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Blitzkrieg Miniatures Semovente 47/32

I got my hands on my first Blitzkrieg Miniatures' model, the Italian Semovente 47/32. Cast from a 3D print, this is one of the smartest tanks I've seen. Its detail is sharp and assembly is basically non existent. There was also zero cleanup. The Semovente 47/32 was an Italian self propelled gun that mounted a 47mm anti tank gun on the L6 chassis.  It was the most heavily armed Italian armored fighting vehicle on the Eastern Front and used in eastern Europe after Italy's surrender to fight partisans. 

Blitzkrieg's Semovente 47/32 come with two parts, a chassis and the gun.  Out of the box there is not need for assembly of tracks, hatches, or minor pieces.

The details are exquisite and quit impressive.  Here are some photos of the assembled product:

There are some great little details such as the tools sculpted onto the mudguard. I am a particularly big fan of the open drivers hatch, check it out:

Even in my inept hands, it paints up 'real prudy'.  I am quite pleased with this model.

I don't have anything to fault from this product from Blitzkrieg Miniatures. It's detailed, intelligently designed and easy to deal with. I highly recommend you guys check it out and check out our interview with Blitzkrieg Miniatures on the first episode of Ghost Army Podcast.

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