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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Product Review: Battlefront's Trenchline System

By Mitch Reed

What is a battle in the Great War without a trenchline?  Along with the release of  Battlefronts new Great War line came the Trenchline System that not only adds to the visual realism of your game, but also plays a key role in some of the missions developed for the Great War. While I do not have very much in the way of terrain (I rely on the generosity of others) I felt that if I wanted to play this new period I would need to pick up this one key piece of terrain. 

While I've seen a lot of pictures of the trenches on Battlefront's website, I was very impressed when I opened the box.  

 This is what you get, 2 of each section and 2 small bags of flocking.

When all the parts are put on the table it comes to about 4' in length. Just what you need to play the two missions in the Great War booklet.

 Very accurate when it comes to how the trenches looked in the Great War.  You have the communications trench from the rear, which connects into a firebay. Traverses were put into the line to prevent an enemy capturing your trench and putting enfilading fire on your troops.

The detail in this product is amazing, note the duckboards on the ground and how parts of the trenchline have wooden beams, frames, and corrugated steel to support the trench walls. These add some color to the brown trenches.

Very brown... I do not think I will use the flocking that came in the box.  The product looks great without it. 

Plenty of room for your troops to defend their line against attackers.

Traffic jam!  Even the tanks fit.

As the picture above shows, the medium bases have to go in sideways in order to fit as they move up the communications trench.

My models looked really great in the trench.  I am glad I gave my forces a mud base instead of grass.

 Tanks can roll right up and assault the troops defending the trenchline.

As your enemy assaults your trench they will get fire from the side as well as the front. 

As I said before, I do not have very much terrain and I felt that getting the trenches would make it easier to find opponents to play a game; while this rationale may not work for you, getting the trenches is certainly not a waste.  I plan to use the Trenchline System in other periods I play, such as World War Two, and may even one day play a fortified company to maximize the use of this great product.

Final Word: Very well done product that I would recommend to anyone

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