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Thursday, October 16, 2014

News from The Front: Episode 83

Welcome to Episode 83!

The Old School Crew is BACK with Episode 83!

Act I is filled with the usual AAR with LOTR, Netrunner, FoW games, painting, Throcktoberfest and more!  There is also an in-depth Fall-In preview.

In Act II, the guys talk about the impact of Barbarossa on Early War - tanks, list construction, tournaments - it is all covered.  The guys also talk Know Your Enemy - US Infantry addition.

For Act III, Commonly Overlooked Rules makes another appearance and the guys talk about some recent Battlefront news about Forces of War, book prices and the housing subscription. Last, the guys talk about the future of the King Tiger in tournament play.
Be sure to tune in to After Hours - there is a killing!

After Hours

In this exciting episode of After Hours, the guys get a kill right off the bat!  The insanity continues with a wide ranging discussion of German King Tigers and other topics!  Tune in for heart-pounding action!

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