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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Eastern Front Partisans - Mix, Match, Convert

Its never too late to add new units to any army.  If your tired of painting the same looking dude in the same looking uniform, maybe its time to add some Partisan to your life.  Whether your field the unit from the actual partisan entry in a book or having the models stand in another entry, partisans can bring color and life to your force.

I have managed to secure partisans from several manufactures over the last year and finally put together a squad.  Most of these partisans looked French or Dutch, so I did some minor conversions to give them a more eastern from appeal so I could run them with my Soviets.

These guys are all from Foundry Miniatures.  The second guy from the left, with the bandage, had a adrian helmet on, but I took it off and replaced it with a bandaged head from a box of plastic Napoleonic British

These figures are all from Dixon.  I have reviewed these in the past.  I really like Dixon's partisans, especially the dude with the TNT plunger.

These figures are also from Foundry, but I needed to cut down on the number of Sten guns my partisans were rocking, so I replaced them with PPsH SMGs.

I also replaced the Bren gun from this foundry LMG team with a plastic DP LMG from the warlord plastic box set.

Last I added a Orthodox priest with a  Colt .45 to the force.  He will act as their spiritual father and NCO.  This model is from a back of four from Sgt. Major Miniatures.  The pack includes priest with shotguns and Thompson SMGs as well.

I like the mix of figure I have in this unit, but do wish tehre were more Eastern style soviet partisans available.  It seems like more of the good quality partisans out there are French and Dutch partisans.  If you know of any other companies that make partisans let me know about it on the forum.

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