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Friday, October 24, 2014

Crescent Root's New Pre-Painted Desert Building Line

Long time readers of WWPD will know that I am a huge fan of the Crescent Root buildings. The bulk of my collection is CR's excellent pre-painted buildings and scenery. Just check out our previous reviews of Crescent Root stuff if you need reminding of their products: church and church-grounds, town base.

This time around, we're reviewing their new desert building line. Their desert buildings were the first purchases I made from them, and had me hooked. Now, however, they have entered a whole new ballpark! The buildings are no longer resin, and are instead laser-cut MDF.

I like MDF buildings, but I was skeptical. When I received them, however, I was very pleasantly surprised. They come fully assembled and fully painted. More than that, a texture coating has been applied over the entire building to hide seams and give them some depth. The buildings are, truly, wonderful!
The first building is the "City Walls Headquarters" which features a base, 3 buildings (2 with removable roofs, and one with a cool awning), and 2 palm trees. This comes fully assembled and painted for $45 USD. Wow.

The other set we're reviewing is the much larger center-piece "Small City Walls Set". This is an impressive piece of kit with 6 towers, 2 long, and 4 short walls. While a bit larger, you could use this as a desert fort (with opponent's permission of course, as it is quite a bit larger than the BF version).

The towers all have removable roofs.

While the gate-tower pieces (2 included in the set) each have one removable door.

The city walls set is a bit more pricey. clocking in at $142 USD, but has a massive footprint on the table.

Comparing the walls to BF's desert fort- they are about half an inch longer.

That's a big ol' fort.

More detail of the Headquarters building.

Oh, did I mention the buildings are removable from the base?

Or that there is an optional ruins set...

So cool.
Crescent Root buildings continue to be, in my humble opinion, the best on the market.

You know, I love my old CR buildings, but these new ones blow them out of the water. Thankfully, they do look okay next to each other... but now I think I might have to replace the entire line!

*Buildings provided by Crescent Root.

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