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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Tanks in the City

I live for days I get to put my rubble based soldiers on a city board.  GI Joe and Colby came over for a Bolt Action FTX and Joe brought his new city mat from Frontline Games.  This thing is pure gold and looks fantastic.  After he rolled it out we all knew we had to get a game in on it.  So after our first game we busted out all the building goodies we had and set up a Budapest themed Tank game.  we didn't really use any force organization or point system, just troops on the table and go time.

We played the Tank Mission out of Tank War and this time ended up with six objectives, WHOA!  Here is one objective of a German General studying the battlefield.

While a female Soviet medics defends a wounded comrade in the middle.

Panthers and infantry roll up.

First things first, the Germans ice a T-34/85.

This doesn't detour the T-34 horde.

The T-34's focus all their shots on the Tiger.

Soviet Naval infantry move toward an abandoned bunker.

A ZiS-3 takes aim at a Panther.

Soviet Partisans advance toward the enemy.

The Panther Commander on the prowl.

Black Death dash toward the Germans.

Fierce hand to hand ensues.

Panther pounds the T-34s.

The Partisans attempt to assault the Panther but fail. 

The Panther twins fight side by side.

Knocking out another T-34.

The German howitzer tries to stop the ZiS-3.

Another tank assault fails.

The T-34s finally kill a Panther.

That ended up being it.  The Germans managed to capture four of the six objectives.  The Tiger stayed pinned most the game, while the Panthers did a decent job of cutting up the T-34ers.  Had a lot of fun on this one.  Tanks in the city are not the greatest idea but it still made for a fun game.

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