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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Russians vs Germans - Tank War

Had a chance to have a go at a proper Tank War game, this time with a healthy mix of infantry, support, and objectives.   Last time we just ran tanks with no objectives and it turned into two gun lines exchanging fire.  This time there was much more action.
We used the new Tank War Scenerio and rolled up three objectives. These objectives were placed  down the middle of the table, that way no one side had a clear advantage.  The board was fairly open with tall grass and a road with a bombed Soviet column on it. There was a lake shore and a wood on either flank.

Soviet Force (all troops inexperienced and green)
1 x T-34/76 Command Tank
1 x T-34/76
1 x KV-1
1 x SU-85
1 x BA 10
1 x Senior Lieutenant 
1 x Commissar
2 x Rifle Squads (11 men)
2 x LMG Squad (11 men, 1 LMG)
2 x ATRs
1 x MMG
1 x Medium Mortar

German Force  (all troops veteran)
1 x Panzer III L Command
3 x Panzer III L
1 x 222 armored car
1 x 1st Lieutenant
3 x Grenadier squads (8 men, 1 SMG, 2 LMGs)
2 x MMG
1 x Medium mortar

This Panzer III races toward an objective.

These panzers do the same.

The Germans gain control of the table center fairly quickly.

A panzer takes shots at the Soviets.

This MMG falls to accurate Soviet mortar fire.

A panzer III supported by infantry in the middle of the table.

Cthulhu Commander directs his men and machines.

A panzer knocks out the SU-85.

Soviet troops swarm toward the Germans.

Mortar fire misses it mark.

Soviet MMG fire throws rounds down range.

The KV-1 holds down the fort.

This T-34 runs up on the flank of the Germans.

The battle rages.

German troops move in to support the panzer after the 222 armored car is immobilized.

More accurate fire rains from form the Soviet mortar.

Rounds fly and bounce off armor.

Cthulhu Commander pushes through the smoke.

German armor and infantry move to secure the flank and push the Soviets back.

A full force counter attack from the Soviets pushes back on the opposite flank.

The German mortar finally finds its target.

As the Germans dig in, the Soviet make their push to liberate the objectives.

A Soviet horde surges toward the German panzers.

The Germans double up on the KV-1.

The panzersare covered by the LMGs of this grenadier squad.

Three Panzers pound the KV-1 with little effect.

After getting hit by the mortar these grenadiers redeploy.

Screeming Soviets successfully knock out a Panzer in close assault.

German troops rush up and assault these Soviets before they are decimated and wipe them out.

They are then assaulted by a second Soviet squad and wipe them out as well.

After watching their infantry support get shredded, Soviet armor takes a shot at overrunning the German flank.

A swath of death lays before the Germans.  The Germans lose 2 the Soviets lost 22.

A lucky shot from the German mortar immobilizes the T-34 command tank.

The KV-1 finally starts moving toward the Germans.

Cthulhu orders his men to guard the German objective in the middle.

The Germans then assault the BA-10 and are successful at knocking it out.

With all the confusion of battle the Soviet end up shooting each other.

After successfully knocking out one panzer, these Soviets assault a second immobilized panzer, and knock it out as well.  Thats two panzers for the Soviets and one armored car for the Germans.

With both sides running low on men and machines they make their final runs at objectives.

The KV-1 assaults the remaining Germans on the flank and overruns them.

The Soviets then manage to bounce the German shots and contest this flank objective.

This leave the Germans and Soviets each controlling one objective at the end of the game.

A less than gentleman's tie.  This was a really fun fight, and unlike our last Tank War game, it was full of exciting moments.  It was also a tough fight down to the wire.  I really like the Tank War scenario and it worked really well.  At the beginning of the game the Germans jumped out  and grabbed the objectives, but then got a little cocky and continued to advance forward when they already controlled the board.  This led to their panzer becomiong over exposed to Soviet infantry.  I did not think that we would see three successful tank assaults in this game, but we did and it was awesome.  We also had a lot of fun making all the Soviet troops green.  This isn't something all Soviet units can have, but made for a fun themed game.  Several of the Soviet tanks and infantry units became regular, which was much needed.  

Have you got in a Tank War game yet?  Let me know how it went on the forum.

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