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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing - Klingon Repaints

I recently watched an Star Trek Attack Wing (from WizKids) event and caught the bug.  What intrigues me about Attack Wing is that it uses the same rules as X-Wing from Fantasy Flight.  This makes for an easy transition from one rule set to the other.  I am so happy that my generation has reached adulthood and decided that all the cool shows we grew up with should be turned into some sort of miniatures game.  This is truly the greatest age of mankind.  In the last few year it seems like all my gaming dreams have come true or are coming true.  Now I get to sit in the command chair of my favorite ships from the Star Trek Universe.

I had been watching Attack Wing for a while, stuck in holding pattern, orbiting the game from a  distance.  I had heard mixed reviews when compared to X-Wing, but had not had a chance to play it.  There is a fairly active group of X-Wing player in Alaska, and over the last few months the number of Attack Wing players have grown.  I decided many months ago that if I fired my phaser on this game I would not go all in like I did with X-Wing, and attempt to collect 10 of every ship.  Instead I would limit my addiction to only one or two factions.  This is hard because Attack Wing has already released about a million Factions (Romulans, Federation, Borg, Dominion, Klingon, Independents, Bjorian, etc) with each faction having a single to a bunch of ships (I think the Federation, Klingon, Dominion, and Romulans have between 6 and 8 ships each now).  I have always dreamed of wielding a Bat'leth in battle so chose Klingons as my first faction.

I convinced my dad and a buddy to buy a starter ship and trade each other so we each had one of the starting factions (Klingon, Romulans, and Federation).  The starter ship comes with a Galaxy Class, Vor'Cha Class, and D'deridex Class Starships.  I also opted to pick up a Bird of Prey (the most amazingly awesome Klingon ship EVER!!!) and Negh'Var.

Like X-Wing all the ships in Attack Wing come prepainted, but unlike X-Wing, Attack Wing ships are not painted to the high standard that Fantasy Flight has for X-Wing.  The Attack Wing ships have the same quality paint job that any other product form WizKids puts out: very basic.  I also wanted my ships to be uniform and look like they at least served in the same battle group. So before ever playing a game I picked up a brush and set out to repaint these mighty ships.

The Vor'Cha is a mighty attack cruiser, capable of tearing the enemies of the Empire from bow to stern.

This Warship is the largest ship in the Klingon military.  This heavy war beast devours the enemy's of Kahles.

Here I tried to make it look like the weapons were charging.

Bird of Prey
The Bird of Prey has always, and will, always be the hotrod of interstellar combat. It is my favorite, non federation ship in the Star Trek Universe.  I wish I had one parked in my driveway.

Here is were I tried to make it look like the weapons were charing.

It didn't take me that long to paint all this ships. The ships are about 1/3 the size of your hand and have enough detail that you can easily pick the detail out with some washes and shading.  I painted mine using the color I use for Soviet Armor, then washing them black, dry brushed and did some detailing (engines, weapons, lights).  It look me about two hours for these four ships.  Part of that was learning and figuring out what I wanted to do.  I suppose I could bust one out in 15 to 20 minutes in the future.  I have one more Vor'cha from the trading we did.  A five ship fleet is not bad for just getting into the game, now I need a few more Birds of Prey.

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