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Monday, September 29, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing AAR: The Balance of Power - Investigating Dio VII

"Admiral...the away te... ound something during their sca....... the surface.  Its...ower readings were li...thing I have ever seen.  The team brou.... back... urface.  When we began our scans on board .... surge... systems failure.... out the ship.  The warp core began ov.....oading.  Engineering is not able to hold it together.... escape pods and shuttles .... to the surface.............."

This transmission was picked up by a Klingon listening station on the fourth moon of Dio VII two hours ago.  Intelligence reports indicate the Federation has be studying unique geological formations in the system and may have stumbled across a substance of significant power.  You have been ordered to penetrate Federation space and recover any information or evidence of this substance.
- Klingon High command

The Klingons are all riled up over a Federation exploration team in the Dio system.  Reports indicate the Federation recently lost a ship near Dio VII.  The cause of the explosion is not yet known, but it has the Klingons attention.  Assemble a task force and go to the Dio system, what ever the Federation has stumbled upon must not fall into the hands of the Klingons.
-Romulan Intelligence

Klingon Task Force baH
IKS Maht-h'a
Capt. Martok
Crew - Alexander

IKS Koraga
Klingon Captain
Photon Torpedos 
Advanced Weapons System

IKS Negh'Vat
Capt Warf
Advanced Weapons System
Photon Torpedos

Romulan Task Force Prime
IRW Valdor
Capt. Denatra
Photon Torpedos
Tactical Officer
Romulan Officer

IRW Khazara
Capt. Toreth
All Forward Disrupter Banks
Polarized Hull Plating
Plasma Torpedos
Crew- Selok
Crew- Centurian
Crew- Varel

Recover as much evidence as you can regarding the destruction of the Federation science vessel and what ever it was they were studying.  As an action ships could lower their shields and use a tractor beam to recover an piece of the destroyed science vessel. 

(Note: After long hours of editing photos with effects I was told the phasers were incorrectly emanating from the wrong parts of some of the ships.  I apologies to anyone who may be offended by this.)

The Klingon ships from Task for ba'H approach Dio VII and find what remains of the Federation science vessel.  Debris floats aimlessly around the planet's orbit.  A scan of the area shows several strong energy readings as well as intact portions of the the ships computers.  Capt. Martok orders his ships to move forward and recover what they can before the Federation finds out their in the area.

Martok's ship recovers a part of the ships computer logs.  This information will need to be taken back to the Klingon High command and studied.

Unbeknownst to Martok and his task force, the Romulans are recovering items from the science vessel on the opposite side of the planet.

The recovery effort continues, and the Koraga finds some small pieces of the strange material the Federation was studying. 

Martok's ship picks up some strange energy readings and he recalls the other two ships.

Suddenly a Romulan ship de-cloaks and rakes Martok's ships with phaser and disrupter fire. 

Martok orders his ships to engage, but their attacks fail to penetrate the Khazara's shields.

As the Khazara comes about, the Koraga scores a direct hit with its photon torpedos.

As the Klingons start to come about they pick up new readings on their sensors.  The Romulan ship is not alone.  He brought friends and they are looking for a fight.  

Martok finds himself the target of a second Romulan attack, but his cunning moves evade the attack. 

Martok comes about and fires on the Romulan ship.

As the Romulan ship flees the Koraga unleashes a full spread of photon torpedos.

The Romulan ship explodes.

Then the first Romulan ship reappears and lets lose a spread of his own torpedos.

The torpedos find their mark and destroy the Maht-H'A.

Capt. Warf returns fire, burning holes in the Khazara and breaching its hull.

The Koraga comes about, but its shots miss.

The Koraga and the Romulan ship nearly collide with each other.  Then the Romulan ships cloaks and disappears.

It suddenly appears again and rakes the Negh'Var. 

The cunning Selok prevents Warf and his crew from firing on the Khazara. 

But the ever tactical Warf comes about and drills the Khazara with phaser fire.

The Captain of the Koraga then takes aim and finishes of the Romulan scum.

After the battle ends the Negh'Var and the Koraga scan the area for Klingon survivors.   Their sensors pick up a small energy reading and find that Martok and some of his crew managed to escape the Maht-H'A before it was destroyed.  Once on the survivors are brought on board Warf orders the Koraga to follow him back to Klingon space.  They have found a small amount of the strange material and some Federation reports, but what does it mean for the Empire?

...Romulan Transmission...
"Sir its like nothing I have ever seen.  If these readings are correct this substance could change the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.  Romulus could once again reclaim is rightful place at the top of its enemies.  The Klingons have also secured some of the substance, they will certainly try to prevent others from unlocking its potential.  Capt. Toreth decided to engage the Klingons. Their flag ship has been destroyed, but we are taking heavy casualties.  The Valdor was disabled, these Klingons are more cunning than expected. We should have......"
...Transmission Lost...

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