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Monday, September 1, 2014

Bolt Action - Some Uniform and Gear Displays From The National WW2 Museum

While on my honeymoon, I spent a glorious afternoon at The National WW2 Museum in New Orleans.  I might have taken a TON of pictures while on this visit. One of the areas, whose pictures I keep returning to, was the uniforms and infantry equipment displays. Keeping in mind that this is a US focused museum, they did a fantastic job of displaying basic US uniforms (from various theatres) and the uniforms of some of the foes that US servicemen met of the field of battle.  Here are photos from a few of these displays.

From the Atlantic:
A Side by Side of a German and American Uniform

US Small Arms (and Jackets)
A FJ Uniform 
German Small Arms

And from the Pacific: 
A US Marine Uniform

US Marine Small Arms
Marine Specialty Gear
 A Japanese Uniform

Japanese Small Arms

Japanese Swords, Pistols and Grenades
As you can see the collection is VERY American centric but, that said, it was really interesting to see full sized versions of the weapons and gear that our toy soldiers lug around the field of battle. Hope you have found these as interesting as I have.

Here are a few extra shots of slightly larger bits of gear:
German Motorcycle and Small Gun

German Munitions
US M18 57MM Recoilless Rifle

Field Ambulance

HMG Jeep

US Mortar

Why is the WW2 Museum in New Orleans (keeping in mind it used to be the D-Day Museum)

"Higgins Boat" (Old Man Morin for Scale)

German 88 (OK, it is New Orleans… I might be hungover… just a little)

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