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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bolt Action - Roman Orlik, Polish Tankette Ace

Welcome to Tanko Thursday, a semi-regular article for the next few weeks exploring some of the lesser known legendary tankers from the minor nations with house rules for representing them in your own Bolt Action Tank War battles. This week we discover Roman Orlik, Polish Tankette Ace.

An architecture student prior to the war, Roman Orlik enlisted in the Polish army and became a Sergeant First Class in command of a Polish TKS tankette with 20mm Autocannon, one of the few up-gunned tankettes Poland had. He would become one of the first tank aces of World War II in defense of his homeland.

On the 14th of September, Orlik and his driver Zakrzewski were involved in the Battle of Brochów, a Polish victory in which Orlik destroyed 3 German tanks.

On September the 18th, Orlik and two TKS Tankettes with MMGs were conducting a reconnaissance when they came across a German tank column. Ordering the other tankettes to pull back, Orlik set up an ambush to cover their retreat.

He knocked out two Panzer 35(t)s, a Panzer IV Ausf B and a few other softskin vehicles, while also capturing two prisoners. It was later found out one of the Germans killed in the Panzer IV was a platoon commander and German noble, Victor IV Albrecht von Ratibor.

The following day, Orlik was involved in the Battle of Sieraków, where a German unit attacked the village. Twenty German tanks, mostly Panzer 35(t)s were destroyed, with Orlik and Zakrzewski claiming seven themselves before running out of ammunition.

Orlik was involved in the defense of Warsaw, but despite his heroic actions Poland would fall to the Germans. He managed to survive the war with thirteen tank kills. After the war he finished his degree and became an architect. He lived peacefully until his death in 1982.

Roman Orlik is presented here in his valiant TKS tankette, ready to battle the invading Germans.

Orlik's TKS Tankette
Cost: 129 points
Quality: Veteran
Weapons: One hull-mounted Light Auto Cannon
Damage Value: 7+ (tankette)
Special Rules:
Fierce Ambush: Whenever this unit fires from Ambush, it may fire it's main gun twice, either at the same target or two different targets.
Motivitional Leader
Skill Shot
Hair Trigger
Eagle Eye

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