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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Impudent Mortal Truss Bridge and Guard Towers

The bridge at Arnhem.
Photo from
Hey gang, right before Gencon, I received some new terrain in the mail: a 15mm truss bridge (this is the Ludendorf Bridge from Remagen) and some guard towers! I picked these guys up from the Impudent Mortal kickstarter to use with Flames of War. Here are my thoughts on each (with some eye candy). Spoiler: I really like them.

Guard Towers:

The towers comprise 12 pieces (4 legs, a base, 2 wall frames, 4 walls, 1 roof, 1 ladder).

They go together very easily, with everything fitting snugly. I attached everything but the roof, so I can put a team in there as needed. 

PSC StuG with Battlefront Riders
They fit a small base very well, as you can see:

All told, these will make a great addition to an airfield, fortified town or other battlefield, especially once painted. 

Now for the main course, the Truss Bridge:

This thing comes with lots of pieces. It took me a bit to figure out how it all went together, but once I did, it was a pretty easy assembly. 

Pavement sections
The inner frame of one of the ramps
The bridge
One of the ramps with the outer shells on
The bridge itself is ~"10 and "2.5 wide between the struts. You can use it with or without the ramps, which raise it up about "2 off the ground.

The bridge is a really great piece. You could use it for Arnhem, Remagen or any number of other settings. Hopefully this stuff will go up on on the webstore soon, because it's great.


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