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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Hallowed Ground Terrain - Firebase Trench System

By Craig Baxter

A few months back Hallowed Ground Terrain launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter  for for vietnam terrain.  It included a Firebase, VC trenches, river boats, and village huts.  When the Kickstarter failed to get enough support to go through, the company reached out to those who had pledged to see if they were still interested in supporting the project.  My Dad and I were, so they filled out order from our pledge (thats pretty cool).  We had backed the US Fire Base set to use in FoW Vietnam.

The set comes with a variety of bunkers, trenches, command posts and gun emplacements and are made of resin. They are finely detailed and covered with sandbags, metal siding, barrels and other details. We got the Fire Base Interior and Perimeter sets. The perimeter set includes enough pieces for a firebase measuring 36" across. It included 5 corner bunker pieces, 5 small wall sections, and 15 large wall sections. It also includes a trench section with bunker, CP bunker, and a fire control bunker. The interior set included 8 additional interior fighting positions, bunkers, and emplacements (for tanks and guns).

US troops deployed along the perimeter.

Some shots of the interior pieces.

The command tower is particularly awesome.

Some close ups of the gun/tank emplacements.

Bunkers and trenches from the back.

Tank emplacements.

Gun emplacements.

Flag pole objective.

The tower.

The firebase in all its glory.

This little command bunker is for a small team and is one of my favorite pieces for spotters.

Over all we were really happy with this purchase.  The detail and quality are fantastic, however it is a little pricey.  The perimeter pieces are $235 for the set.  This in not bad considering what you get, but may be a barrier for people who don't have that kind of hobby money sitting around.  The other thing I didn't like about them was the trench walls were taller than your average 15mm dude from Battlefront.  I am not sure if that is because perimeter walls were intentionally made higher in Vietnam or if is was a mistake in the design portion of this project.

Either way it is really minor and in the middle of a game you hardly notice it.  We recently had a convention in town and put out our FoW Vietnam stuff with the Hallowed Ground Terrain Fire Base on a display board and it got a lot of attention.  If you have the time to paint, money to spend, and the interest in doing Fire Base missions, this set is a must have for your collection.  I would run 8 out of 10 flags up a flag pole objective on this product.

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