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Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Battlefront Arab MiG-17

By John Sulek and Eric Lauterbach

The MiG-17 was one of the iconic planes of the Cold War, with over 10,000 produced in all variants. Designed and built by Mikoyan-Gurevich it was the next generation of MiG and improvement over the MiG-15 the main communist fighter of the Korean War. The MiG family can draw its linage back to German early jet designs and research but the end product was purely Soviet. The combat capabilities of the MiG-17 were very good and it was an extremely agile plane. MiGs flown by the North Vietnamese were able to out maneuver heavier US jets and prompted a reintroduction of dog fighting skills.

The Egyptian Air Force at the time of the Six-Day War had 124 MiG-15/17s, and 108 of the MiG-21, 60 Su-7, and large number of transport aircraft and helicopters. A very impressive force which is why the Israelis probably decided to launch a preemptive strike and start the war early.

So lets get into Battlefronts MiG-17 box AAC03

Here is what you get in the box AACO3

I like the higher flying post that came with it.

The only assembly is the nose cone, so that is sweet!

The plane has nice lines and detail.

The MiG-17 was not designed to be bomber, but it was used in limited ground attacks. Here we see the bombs added.

The plane was simple silver so that is easy

The MiG-17 is a great looking model and a great asset to Egyptian forces.  Hey lets face it the Egyptians need all the help they can get!

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