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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bolt Action - LRDG Podcast Episode 19

The LRDG are back with a massive 4 hour mega-episode! In first half of the show the Melbourne crew discusses everything from Lachlan’s sobriety, to painting and model preparation tips, to assaults and how to prepare for them, to whether or not to use selectors, to Dave’s Japanese experiences, to what you might see in a Stalingrad Russian list and EVERYTHING in between. In the second half of the show, Old Man Morin and Patchimus Prime talk to our man on the street in Queensland about the growing scene up north and why folks up there call Melbournians Mexicans. They also talk to the one and only Bob Emerson about his highly successful Hungarian armoured Kickstarter. Finally the boys chat about MOAB: their excitement and the event’s structure from a TO and a player’s standpoint. Turn on! Tune in! And let your mind go free!

Download Episode 19!

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