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Monday, September 22, 2014

King Tigers, and Working Through Lack of Painting Motivation.

These took me entirely too long to paint. The truth is, I lost my painting motivation because I just couldn't make up my mind. We have plenty of King Tiger Reviews here on WWPD, so I'll talk you through my painting anguish!

I wanted to have it all! I wanted to be able to run the King Tiger lists from both Remagen and Desperate Measures. The problem is, the DM Kings are Porsche King Tigers. No problem, right? Battlefront makes a box that comes with both turrets! But the problem is, they have zimmerett and I hate painting zimmerett.

Finally, I just said screw it, and went with GB14. But I was not totally sold on my decision, and it ground my painting to a halt. Combine that with being hit with some slightly fuzzy primer on these guys at the same time I discovered the LOTR LCG, and they just languished on my painting desk for far too long.

Eventually, Guns of August drew near, and I considered running a different list. I was so dreading working on these, that I allowed myself the break so I wouldn't come to resent the work I had to do on them! Finally, one night I was so bored I decided to just put some paint on the brush and see if I could move them forward ever so slightly. Instead, I stayed up too late and finished them!

Painting wise, I used my tried and true technique for knocking stuff out quickly. In the end, knocking these out got me excited about painting again, and I was really excited to have them done in time for the tournament! Like most of you, I go through the occasional painting rut, and rather than force myself to work on things, I just ride it out these days, knowing it'll come back soon.

So now I have 6 King Tigers with both Henschel and Porsche turrets. They can replace these old ones I did a while back (and will likely sell at the Fall In flea market!)

Thanks for looking!

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