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Thursday, September 18, 2014

German Late War 2cm AA

When deciding on support for my Remagen King Tiger list, I hemmed and hawed over which AA to take. Finally, I settled on the standard 2cm AA (GE542) because it was a light gun with a gunshield. I thought mobility would be helpful, especially as I planned to leave these in reserve if given the choice.

Their high ROF is also nice to bolster the Volksturm for defensive fire purposes, as one of the biggest weaknesses of the King Tiger list is AT-toting infantry!

In my Guns of August tournament, the AA did their job fairly well. In game one, they helped see off some M18 Hellcats. In game 2 they chewed up some infantry, and in game 3 they held some infantry at bay. They also shot at some airplanes, but didn't scratch the paint.

Speaking of paint, I had to knock these up fairly quickly. I had some unexpected travel for work leading up to Guns of August and so had a window of about 8 hours to do these guys, so I used my trusty "Bang for the Buck" method and was pretty happy with the outcome. The hardest part was getting the airbrush camo just right, which was probably overkill for such a small surface.

And just for fun, here is all of my Late War German AA! You will note that I do not, in fact, own any Late War 8.8s. Silly!

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