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Monday, September 15, 2014

GenCon 2014 Picture Dump

GenCon 2014

The WWPD crew adventured for the first time (as a crew) to GenCon this summer in Indianapolis, IN. This convention was unlike any other that we have attended with tons of cosplay, a whole assortment of games, a D&D style haunted house like thing called True Dungeon, and much more!

Check out all the cool stuff we saw!

Big Money Playas 'bout to take over this junk!


Able Company had a Stalingrad group game and it looked awesome.

Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah played some By Fire and Sword.

We played some Battletech and it was awesome!  They have 16 pods all networked together so you can play as a group.  Luke played the most, but we all enjoyed it.  You get a printout at the end telling you how well you did.  No pics of the inside of the pods allowed.

We really wanted a demo of this game, but never got the chance.  Lesson Learned:  Set up demos early!

We saw Star Wars Armada, which looked really cool.  Steven and I agree that this looks like a really fun scale for the "...of War" type games.  Again, missed a demo, but need to try this out.

Steven's highlight was getting his hands on the special GenCon 2014 LOTR adventure deck.  We also got to meet Caleb from Fantasy Flight games - and even play a game with him!  It was a good time at the FFG area.

The Crowds!

The Cosplay!

Mother of Dragons!

Lego Batman looks ready.

The Minis!

The Card Towers!

The WWPD Staff!

The Hangout

This place around the block was very good.

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