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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bolt Action - Börje Brotell, Finnish Tank Destroyer Ace

Welcome to Tanko Thursday, a semi-regular article for the next few weeks exploring some of the lesser known legendary tankers from the minor nations with house rules for representing them in your own Bolt Action Tank War battles. This week we look at Börje Brotell, Tank Destroyer Ace.

In 1943, Finland purchased 30 StuGs from Germany. They saw heavy action in the Battle of Tali-lhantala in June 1944 and following that Finland ordered another 29.

Numbered Ps.531-1 to 531-30, the StuGs or Sturmi as they were called by the Finns were given nicknames after their commander's girlfriends. They were organised in 3 companies and each company composed of 3 platoons of 3 and a command vehicle.

During the heavy fighting in the Karelian Isthmus in June and July of 1944, the three companies managed to destroy 87 soviet tanks for the loss of only 8 Sturmi. The most successful of them, was Ps.531-10, nicknamed Bubi, commanded by Börje Brotell. Along with gunner Olli Soimala, driver Sulo Kauppi and loader Armas Launikko, Brotell scored 11 kills in his Sturmi.

(Left to right, Brotell, Launikko, Soimala, Kauppi)

The first enemy tanks were destroyed at Leitimojärvi on the 25th of June, when the men knocked out 5 Soviet tanks, 4 T-34/76s and a SU-152. On June 29 in Portinhoikka, the crew of Bubi managed to destroy another two T-34/76s. On the 11th of July, in Vuosalmi they destroyed a T-34/85, followed by 3 more the following day.

Bubi and her crew survived the war and it is now on display at the Parola Armour Museum in Finland. Börje Brotell lived to be an old man, passing away on Finland's independence day in 2009, aged 87.

Here is Brotell in his faithful StuG III, as he would use throughout his career against the Soviets.

Brotell's StuG, Ps.531-10 "Bubi"
Cost: 326 points
Quality: Veteran
Weapons: 1 casement-mounted forward facing heavy anti-tank gun and 1 MMG with 360 degree arc of fire
Damage Value: 9+ (medium tank)
Special Rules:
Fierce Ambush: Whenever this unit fires from Ambush, it may fire it's main gun twice, either against the same target or two different targets.
Quick Reflexes
Motivational Leader

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