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Saturday, September 6, 2014 Weekend Review

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Dark forces conspire to thwart the Allied advance in Normandy.

Old Man Morin showed us pictures from his visit to this amazing museum.

Judson, Dano, and the Mouth of Madness, got lose and talked Bolt Action. 

Anfernee told us about this little no Finnish Tank Ace.

The Great Patchimus Prime showed us his new Late War Germans from Black Tree.

This Week in World War Two History:

On September 4th, 1944 U.S. Marines from the first Division left their base on Pavuvu and headed to Peleliu. The Marines, together with soldiers from the Army's 81st Infantry Division, were engaged for over two months with heavily fortified Japanese troops.  That battle created a lot of controversy in the US because the island, along with its airfields, where of questionable strategic value and the battle led to one of the highest casualty rates suffered by US troops during any operation in the Pacific.  for example the 1st Battlalion, of the 1st Marines suffered a casualty rate of approximately 70% and it was estimated that during the campaign the US fired 1500 artillery shells for everyone Japanese solider on the island.  This did not include the more than 150,000 mortar shells used as well. Ultimately the airfield on Peleliu played little role in the subsequent push toward Japan.  

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