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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front Beginner Game 2

After our first game, Sean and I decided to run it back, this time using hidden deployment markers to spice things up!

A platoon of MkIIbs deploy in the vineyard after Martian heat rays melt many of the vines!

The Martians commence their assault.

More steam tanks reveal themselves, and open up on the advancing tripods!

And are quickly joined by even more! The hidden deployment markers ensured the US got the first shot. Very handy!

Hold the line men!

The Tripods are relentless in their advance.

Destroy all humans.

The HMGs open fire!

The US begin suffering casualties.

"Pull back! Pull back!"

The tanks begin a retrograde movement to keep fire on the Martians.

US infantry bravely assaults!

A lucky shot punches right through the optics of a Tripod, sending it collapsing to the earth!

One down, two to go!

The US infantry evaporates in the face of a heat ray.

The Tripods step over the dead, swiftly moving past the US tanks.

"Keep Firing!"

The slower MkIIb steamers move to catch up.

The Tripods are almost off the board!

The tripods leave burning hulls and destruction in their wake.

But the US haven't given up all hope yet!

And actually manage to drop another one!

HMG fire pours into the remaining tripod...

Crippling it, but it's still operational!
One movement away from the board edge! The Martian's navigational system is damaged now, meaning we will roll off to see who gets to move it! Whoever wins that die roll will win the game!

But before leaving, the Tripod turns its attention to one surviving tank...

 The last thing the tank crew ever sees.

Sean's final movement will decide who wins. If he rolls higher, he will escape off the board edge... and he does! Rolling an 8 to my 2, Sean seals the deal!

That was a really fun game. We are really enjoying All Quiet!

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