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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Resistance: Starter Box

Let's take a look at the new Resistance starter box. They go into widespread release this Saturday, August 30. I picked up two of them at Gen Con, so everything you see here is doubled up.


The Resistance is the fifth faction for Dropzone Commander, and makes their debut in the new expansion book, Reconquest Phase I. They are unique in that they have two "subfactions" more or less. The "Allied" Resistance are happy to see the arrival of UCM forces on the cradle worlds and eager to help them out. There are also "Feral" Resistance tribes, which for various reasons are hostile towards the UCM (such as they still feel betrayed from UCM leaving the cradle worlds upon the Scourge onslaught, or they've just gone downright crazy living underground for several hundred years).
Most of the figures in the model line can be used with both factions, including all of the models in the starter box that we have here.

Before we get to the models, it's nice to note that all the starters now include a quick reference sheet for the models within, allowing you to quickly pick up the game after purchasing your first starter. These follow the same format as the UCM and Scourge ones found in the two-player starter set.

In addition, you also get an assembly guide, in case you have any questions on how to put them together. I was amused that the assembly guide also includes the one-piece Jackson APC.

All the components (resin and pewter) come sorted into baggies to quickly gauge what parts go with what.

First up, we have the Jackson APCs. As a single piece model, assembly was a breeze! Gameplay wise, the Jackson is cheap and relatively quick for a ground unit. It only has a single damage point though. It has a fairly weak grenade launcher, but with shaped charge, it can damage anything on a 6! It's also kinda neat, although I'm not sure worth the upgrade cost, that you can replace the grenade launcher with a spider mine launcher, that helps nearby infantry squads inside buildings in close quarter battles.

The Jackson APCs carry two bases of Resistance Fighters each. Resistance Fighters are the basic infantry option for the Resistance. There's nothing too special about them. They are cheap and plentiful, each armed with a futuristic AK47 and homebuilt RPGs.

The Jacksons are airlifted into battle with the AT-77 Lifthawk. Note that the Lifthawk is the only airborne dropship the Resistance have access to. It's fairly durable with four damage points, armor 6, and an option AA-cannon upgrade.

The whole infantry battlegroup together!

The M9 Hannibal is the main battle tank of the Resistance. These are modern era tanks that have been salvaged and kept in running condition throughout Scourge occupation. They're not great by the standards UCM currently have, but they are a treasure for the Resistance. It's worth nothing that they are a Heavy choice, you they don't fill the core of the Resistance armored formations.

They are also carried into battle by the Lifthawks.

The standard armored slots for the Resistance can be filled by Gun Wagons. They serve in an AA role. They consist of larger civilian vehicles such as trucks repurposed with an AA cannon rigged on the back of it.

The wagons are transported into battle by NT-1 Kraken hovercrafts. Giant hovercraft barges are a favorite of the Resistance that live nomadic lifestyles, as it can be used to rapidly relocate vehicles when the Scourge come near, as well as push combat units to the front line. Modelling wise, you can leave the front ramp unglued and dryfit, and it can raise and lower. Ruleswise, it's important to remember that the ramp is similar to a WH40k assault ramp, and the wagons can disembark guns blazing.

The Resistance starter boxes offer plenty of awesome painting opportunities, as you have both the ex-militaristic vehicles and the rag-tag ex-civilian vehicles, along with plenty of things to weather!

Ruleswise, if you're looking at playing Resistance, two starter boxes certainly wouldn't hurt. You'll probably want the extra six stands of Resistance Fighters, the extra Gun Wagons, and the extra Lifthawks. You might not always use the extra 3 Jacksons or all four Hannibals, but it still comes out as savings if you don't, and you'll have them available if you want to expand.

The Resistance release this week with the starter boxes and a few select units, and gradually release the full line over the next two months. Expect to see some battle reports soon!

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