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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Foundry Fallschirmjager

I got my hands on some of Wargames Foundry's Fallschirmjager.    These highly detailed figures are absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking at collecting a Fallschirmjager force, especially an early war Fallschirmjager force.   Foundry has for a long time set an industry standard in quality and these models will not disappoint.

 I have long wanted to collect a small Fallschirmager force for a Crete campaign and these fit the bill perfectly.  Since you need a relatively few number of troops for an elite force, like the Fallschirmjager, spending the extra bucks on Foundry is not that bad.   I happened to score my Fallschirmjager in trade and got two small squads,  three weapons teams, command, and an FAO.

Most guys opt to paint their Fallschirmjager in the traditional camouflage scheme, but I choose to paint mine in the all green tunic more common in the earlier part of the war and during the Crete campaign.

Here are the three weapons teams I got; an anti tank rifle, a light mortar, and a flame thrower.

Anti Tank Rifle

Light Mortar

Flame Thrower Team

There are four different packs of Fallschirmjager from Foundry.  I managed to pick up parts of the packs in my trade, but none of them were complete.  There is a pack of dudes with rifles and SMGs, a pack of command figures, a pack of wounded or dropped troopers and a pack of weapons.  The wounded guy and supply bag is from the dropped trooper pack.  I really like the character the packs give you.  You can uses the pack for objectives easily.  The range is far from complete though, there are no assault rifles, and no large crewed weapons (like the recoilless rifles).

I would solidly recommend checking out Foundry for your Fachirmjager, even if it is just to get one pack.  The figures are great and might be able to fill out your collection with some nice centerpiece type models, or models you are having a hard time finding (like a light mortar or wounded).  I really, really like these models and can't stress it enough.  Make sure you take a look a Foundry if you're looking at starting or growing your Fallschirmjager force.

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