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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Bandai Wespe

I've been slowly working my way through a stack of plastic model kits this summer.  These kits are from a  variety of companies and are filling the vehicle void in my German army.  Recently I finished up a Wespe self propelled artillery piece from Bandi.

I really like 1/48 scale model kits, as many of you know, but hate building them.  So I have been having my dad build the kits for me.  In exchange I paint models for him.  It is a pretty good deal.  The Wespe is a nice kit with lots of detail, but is assembly intense.

The Wespe is a decent addition to a German army.  It has a medium howitzer, is armor 8+, and mobile.    This means you can move or rotate and shoot, unlike a gun team.  The medium howitzer means that when you hit you hit hard.  It is a very flexible piece that is cheaper than a StuH 42 by 45 points.  The StuH is definitely a better option, but if you can't spare 45 points the Wespe is a good alternate.    Remember 45 points is 9 assault rifles.

Armor wise the Wespe is a 8+, but is also open top, so don't get too aggressive if you chose to field it.  Remember rifle fire will put pins on you so give your opponent a juicier target.  If you have to face off against a Wespe it is an ideal target for and infantry assault.  So try to close with it and jump on it.   However with armor 8+ you will have decent protecting against ATRs and be immune to HMGs.

Overall I am very happy with how this Wespe turned out, it will fit in just perfect with my growing German armor collection.

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