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Friday, August 15, 2014

GenCon Rerun! - Tutorials!

We have over 1200 articles published, and it is very hard to pick just a few favorites.  But, you guys know I love a good tutorial!  So, while I am running around at GenCon, take a look back at some our best!

Painting and Modeling Tidbits  I like this article because it covers some terrain tips to get your models and game board into great shape!  What good is a great looking army if it doesn't have a great battlefield to fight over?

N00B Zone - Painting  This little article covers chipping and wear, decals and some cool uses for a pencil!  I am a big fan of tips and tricks to help get your models in shape.

German Camo Tutorial  You knew this was coming, right?  The classic tutorial on how to get that German camo look without a drybrush.  Take a look to see how to effectively use washes as well.!

That's it from me, see you all after our GenCon adventure!

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