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Thursday, August 14, 2014

GenCon Rerun! Throck's Favorite Reviews

What's Hapening!! GEN CON! That's what!
By Throckmorton

We're at GenCon! How cool is that?

We're taking it easy, gaming and being awesome. Heck, maybe we'll even see some of you today.

Well, in the spirit of not being here, we've decided to post up a bunch of our favorite re-runs this week (see image, left). We're bringing back some posts that we've done in the past that really stuck with us, or... something.

And guess what? Today's my turn. As a primarily hobbying type of fellow I picked out three of my favorite reviews from the last year to share again with you, our dear readers.

First up I thought I'd take a saunter over to the Six Day war with my Review of the M-51 Isherman. One of the first times I really tried to use chipping and weathering powders.

Head on over to the review and check it out!

Next, I take us back in time to early war with a review of the Russian T-28, where I tried color modding (though not with an airbrush) for the first time and had fun with streaking. But not that kind of streaking.

And finally, I'll go back a whole year to my first article at WWPD. The review and build of the PSC Cromwells. Where I have fun with green stuff, chunky weathering and do a bit of a tutorial on how to get those decals looking great.

Have a great week everybody!

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