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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finns vs Soviets in Pincer, 1000 points, MW

By Steven MacLauchlan

Sean and I were feeling inspired to play a game of Flames Of War, but it was already a bit late in the evening so we agreed to do Eastern Front, 1000 points. We whipped up a table, made some quick and dirty lists, and went to town! We rolled for mission, and came up with "Pincer". We weren't so sure how this was going to work out, but decided to let Lady Luck have her say. We rolled for attacker/defender and the Finns got the distinction of being chosen to attack.

The Soviets start with the big strelk on the board and the little Strelk with 2 HMGs in ambush. The bottom right Finns are lead by Torni.

Finns ready to launch an attack!


Finns rush forward!

The Soviet defensive line.

The Soviet view. Reserves will arrive from the right.

Moving at the double through woods!

The BT-42s launch a barrage.

Slamming into the Soviet center.

The Finns keep coming!

Finnin' it up!

The Finns are getting closer... man infantry can be slow to advance!

Again the BT-s knock out some reds!

Soviet Rifles fire on the Finn platoon in the weat, scoring 4 hits. Sean's saves aren't very good.


Soviets prepare as Torni's assault force approaches.

A preparatory bombardment softens them up.

Top of turn 4.

Torni and company launch their assault!

The Soviets counter attack!

But just absolutely whiff! Wow!

The Soviets pull back.

Finns consolidate to avoid some fire.

The 2nd Strelkovy company ambushes outside of 16.

HMG fire, mortars from reserve, and rifles guts Torni's unit.

Meanwhile on the left...

Sean launches an assault, but it's stopped in defensive fire.

At this point we decide to call this game. Unfortunately, this was one of the least fun games we've played. In all fairness, we rarely play a game that isn't fun, so it's bound to happen. The force, and mission just really didn't work here. No biggie, I'm confident the next one will be as fun as any we normally play!

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