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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bolt Action - Ervin Tarczay, Hungarian Tank Ace

Welcome to Tanko Thursday, a semi-regular article for the next few weeks exploring some of the lesser known legendary tankers from the minor nations with house rules for representing them in your own Bolt Action Tank War battles. This week we look at Ervin Tarczay, Hungarian Tank Ace.

Hungarian Tank Ace, Ervin Tarczay, was accredited with over 15 tank kills and a dozen anti-tank gun kills. As a company commander he fought against the Soviets in a slew of vehicles, including a Tiger I E, Panthers, Panzer IVs and Hungarian Turan-75s.

In 1944, Tarczay's unit was given 10 Tiger I Ausf E tanks, along with other German tanks by the German 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion. After only a month of training, Tarczay led his platoon of 5 Tigers against the Soviets.  His most famous action was with another Tiger I at Hill 514 near Saturnia. Tarczay and the other Tiger managed to destroy 14 Soviet tanks, mostly T-34s, within 30 minutes.

After losing his Tiger to lack of fuel and supplies in covering the Hungarian retreat, Tarczay's company was issued with Panthers. They put them to good use, knocking out 16 tanks, 23 anti-tank guns, 20 MG nests, 2 infantry battalions and even a Katyusha in a 6 week span. Some of those anti-tank guns were destroyed by Tarczay charging them and crushing them under the treads of his tank.

He was promoted to Captain and received leave to return home to marry his fiancee and be knighted. Only days after his wedding he was recalled to the front lines due to a massive Soviet offensive. On arrival he was given command of a platoon of four Panzer IVs.

His platoon managed to hold the village of Sored against a force of 20 Soviet tanks, mostly Shermans, and supporting elements, knocking out 2 before being ordered to pull out. Tarczay's Panzer IV was disabled and the other soon became stuck in a swamp. Retreating on foot the crews came under fire and Ervin was hit in the leg. He was carried on by his comrades until he passed out from blood loss and was left to bleed out in a field. A sad end to Hungary's most notable tanker.

Using the rules for legendary tank crews in Tank Wars, I've decided to reproduce Ervin Tarczay in one of the 10 Hungarian Tigers for use in friendly Tank battles.

Tarczay's Tiger
Cost: 519 points
Quality: Veteran
Weapons: One turret-mounted super-heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and forward facing hull-mounted MMG
Damage Value: 10+ (heavy tank)
Special Rules:
Decisive Charge: When this unit executes a Run order it may fire it's main gun, including if it tank assaults. In this case the target may be any valid target, not restricted to just assaulted units.
Strict Discipline
Follow Me!
Adrenaline Rush

If you've made up rules for your own favourite tanker or if you try out Tarczay in a battle, let us know on the forums!

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