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Monday, August 4, 2014

Biltz's Battlegroup Pt 1: The Infantry

By Scott

This week we'll take a peek at the Blitz's Battlegroup box set. First we're going to look at the HQ and Infantry platoons, and we'll look at the support options a little later. Plus, we'll have a bonus basing tutorial at the end!

First up, we have the HQ sections. Unlike the British version of the box set, there's a lot of options in the German HQ, and you get them all, including three AT rifles, three flame throwers, two mortars, and a sniper.

The HQ options
Anti-tank rifles
Flame Thrower teams
Granatenwerfers - don't let their small size fool you! Oh, and a sniper team hiding out.

In addition, you get two full infantry platoons, including an extra stand for the rifle grenade team (which is a paid upgrade).

Rifle Grenade team

High-five command team
All the infantries
And as an added bonus - a quick guide on how I do my bases! Liquitex Ceramic Stucco canvas medium is available at most big craft stores in the US (I use Michaels), and runs around $10. These places usually have a 50% off coupon as well to bring the cost down even further. One bottle lasts maybe 200 bases?

The medium
Right out of the bottle, its a creamy texture. Over time it dries and thickens up, so every now and then I add a drop or two of water.
Apply generously to the base with an old brush (not a good, high end one - it will eventually ruin the brush). Once dry, scrap off any excess from the edge or figures with a knife.
Prime color of your choosing. I usually use brown, but since the figures are grey, I went with black this time.

Paint base the color of your choosing. Here I used a generic dark brown craft paint.

Drybrush with the lighter shade of your choice. Here I used Citadel Steel Legion Drab.

 Wala! Simple, fairly quick, and hides the annoying "knobs" the figures stand on. Note that this works best for painting figures on the base. Some folks locally use the same stuff, but paint their figures on popsicle sticks, and then place the figures in while the medium is still wet.

 Later in the week we'll take a peep at the support options in the box set!

Models provided by Battlefront

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