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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Biltz's Battlegroup Part 2: Support Options

Previously we looked at the core infantry and HQ options from Blitz's Battlegroup. Today we'll look at the support options, which include four Maxim HMGs, two Krupp infantry guns, and a pair of A7Vs.

First up are the HMGs. I appreciated that these HMGs, unlike their British counterparts, were a single piece. I've never liked assembling the machine gun.

The infantry guns are a bit unique. First, they come with the older style flat bases rather than the newer style brown bases with the holes in them. It does make posing a little easier, but makes covering up the base knobs harder. In addition, the gun is supposed to face the long edge (via the Trench Gun special rule), but will have a bit of overhang on the back. Also note no command team (they don't get one), although you could stretch the figures to make one if you needed an extra for some reason.

And lastly the tanks. They painted up nicely, but I do have a few complaints here.

Alot of the pewter bits required, in my mind, excessive cleanup. Maybe I was just spoiled with the rest of the figures in the box (which required little to no cleanup), but the A7Vs probably had more flash and extra pewter hanging off that every other Great War figure we've reviewed combined. Whether that's really a complaint on the A7Vs, or a compliment to the rest of the figures, is up to you.

In addition, the decals are noticeably lower quality than previous Battlefront kits. I've always thought Battlefront had some of the best quality decals out there, that applied flawlessly and looked great, but these (and the ones on the Mark IV's we reviewed last week), kept folding over and curling on themselves, and required a lot of love to get flat, and a lot of Walthers Solvaset to disguise the decal lines once done. I'm assuming Battlefront has changed decal suppliers recently, or the whoever makes the decals has changed something in their setup. But, all in all, I think they came out alright in the pictures below - just a lot more work to get there.

The Blitz's Battlegroup gives a lot more than 1500 points if you max out all the optional HQ attachments. It clocks in at a bit over 1700 at Confident Trained or  over 2100 for Confident Veteran, so you'll more than be able to match the contents of Mitchell's Marauders.

All in all, it was a pleasure to assemble these Great War kits, and I look forward to getting some more FoW Great War games in. Keep an eye out for some batreps soon!

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