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Monday, August 4, 2014

All Quiet on the Martian Front Beginner Game 1

After the recent Steam Tank PDF update, I was super keen to get another game of All Quiet in! I got my home boy Sean over and we got to work setting up a board. We immediately decided we wanted the battle to take place on a large plantation, and setup accordingly.

The Martian list was simple, and clocked in at 600 points with 3 Assault Tripods. The humans (played by me) consisted of 2 units of Mk II Steamers, 1 unit of MK IIb Interim Steamers, a Command MkIII, 2 units of infantry, and 1 unit of HMGs. This puts the human forces close to 700 points, but I think the MkIIbs are drastically overcosted in the current PDF, so we went with it!

Similar to me and Jon's first game, we played a very simple scenario- if the Martians got a single tripod off the opposite board edge, the Martians win! Not exactly an impressive mission, but one that is easy to teach, and focuses on the mobility that makes this game so fun. And fun was had! In fact, this was only about 40 minutes of solid times!

MkIIbs take up defensive positions along a tree-line.

Mk IIs attempt to conceal themselves in a vineyard.

The Martian invaders!
The tripod spots some tanks.

The human defenders!

All the of the Martian shots miss their marks on turn one!

While the very last shot the humans fire scores a lucky shot, completely annihilating a Tripod!

The bigger they are...
But the Martians begin returning fire...

Steam tanks start melting!

The Tripods quickly step over the human defenders, twirling around to destroy them as they race past.

One Tripod suffers severe damage to it's limbs and begins moving around erratically.

But it's heat ray is still deadly accurate!

With One tripod down, and one damaged, the other makes a break for the human rear area, pursued by everything the humans can throw at it.

One of the surviving MkIIs routs, and beats a hasty escape!

The damaged tripod is out of control...

And disappears from the battlefield!

But the last Tripod has victory in it's cold, dead eye.

The Battlefield as the Tripod makes a break for it...

Still hounded by the human defenders...

But the Tripod escapes into a civilian population zone, much to the despair of the surviving defenders.

With that, Sean cinched up a victory for the Martians! Still, 2 tripods went down- not too shabby!

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