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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Your Point Defense is Strong, but 'Merica is Stronger

I'm back in the Bolt Action dice chucking saddle after Historicon and got engaged in a double header Bolt Action FTX.   I decided to mix it up and give my Soviets a much deserved RR away from the front.  So I busted out my Dad's Merican Army to give them a whorl.  I have played with the US a few times in larger group games I have put on, but never built a 1000 point US army.  I wanted to see how they run and also wanted to try a few listing "ideas" I have been kicking around.  The "idea" was could I find a way to make MMGs work by loading up on more than one.   My rationale was to form a MMG base of fire that can reach out and support my advancing infantry.   Since the US gets to take three MMGs per platoon I tried to make this work two .30 cals.

We had a fairly simple board with a bit more open than I usually have.  I am trying to be less messy with my terrain to more accurately represent how much open ground you would likely see in a platoon level action.  While this leaves troops more exposed it also makes for some interesting tactics and challenges.   We also randomly selected Point Defense.  I won the dice off and opted to attack.

1st Lieutenant + Staff
7 Veterans (SMG, 2x BAR)
7 Veterans (SMG, 2x BAR)
8 Regulars (SMG, 2x BAR)
8 Regulars (SMG, 2x BAR)
MMG - Reg
MMG - Reg
81mm Mortar
M4 Sherman w/ .50 cal
M8 Greyhound
Jeep w/ .50 cal

German Army
2nd Lieutenant
6 x Regulars w/ LMG, SMG, Panzerfaust

6 x Regulars w/ LMG, SMG, Panzerfaust
6 x Regulars w/ LMG, SMG, Panzerfaust
6 x Regulars w/ LMG, SMG, Panzerfaust
6 x Regulars w/ LMG, SMG, Panzerfaust
2cm Light Autocannon
81mm Mortar w/ spotter
Sdkfz 222
Panzerwerfer 42 (this was an awesome diecast find on ebay)

A German artillery position in Normandy comes under attack from advancing American troops.  A Panzerwefer 42 battery has been harassing Allied formations and a platoon of yanks has peeled off to knock it out.  The German artillery is guarded by a hodge-podge of Heer and a light AA section.

The Panzerwerfer 42 crew prep their tubes for action.

An American Jeep races ahead of the infantry and engages the Germans.

Meanwhile the American M8 takes up position on a knoll and puts fire down on the Panzerwerfer 42.

A patrol of US veterans make their way down the main road toward the German gun.

The German 2cm takes fire from the US .30cal section.

German troops near the cottage move toward the American attack.

US fire support covers the American advance.

German troops gut an American squad moving up the flank.

The US troops take half casualties, but their nerves hold.

The Panzerwerfer 42 is knocked out by the M8 Scout Car, which comes under fire from the Sdkfz 222.

The crew abandons the the rocket battery.

Meanwhile the jeep continues to provide cover for an advancing US squad.

The divided German force starts to get overwhelmed on this flank as the US troops close in. 

In a stroke of luck the Sdkfz 222 manages to knock out the M8.

US veterans begin clearing the woods and securing the objective hidden within.

The 2cm gun knocked out the Jeep.

The German infantry in the middle shed blood for Germany.

German reinforcements arrive and move toward the cottage.

The Yanks assault the Sdkfz 222 and knock it out.

The Americans successfully clear the woods of Germans.

After knocking out the 222 the US troops take cover behind the wreck.

After clearing out the Germans in the middle the M4 rolls forward.

With little AT options the Germans all hunker away from the M4.

After waiting for the M4 to close the Germans jump out and shoot their panzerfaust, but miss.

The last US squad arrived from reserve and captures the first objective.

Then US troops in the woods sweep forward and capture the second.

Surrounded and trapped by Uncle Sam, the remaining German troops wave a flag of surrender.

The American's are pretty sweet army.  The ability to always be moving and shooting is awesome and makes the American a great attacking force.  I found the if I wasn't moving each turn I was wasting my time.  Very aggressive.  My MMG "idea" worked okay.  They were deployed early on and did a great job providing cover fire the first two turns, but then the middle got cluttered and they didn't have alternative targets.  I think if I am going to get this to work I am going to have to get better and finding the best deployment position for them.

Am I crazy or can I get MMGs to work as a good base of fire for my force?  Let's chat about it on teh forum.

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