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Friday, August 1, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Soviet Airborne Envelopment

My buddy Andy was away for work for a few weeks so when we he got back in town we met up to feed our Bolt Action appetites.    He had done some tinkering with his army and I brought my Soviet Airborne troops with some light support.  Unlike most our games, were we come up with our own scenario, we decided to randomly select a mission from the book and rolled up Envelopment. 

Soviet Army
Senior Lieutenant
Quad MMG Truck
12 x Free Dudes
3 squads of 7 Airborne Riflemen
2 squads of 6 SMG scouts
82mm Mortar with spotter (although I forgot to bring him)
Light AT gun

German Army
1st Lieutenant
Quad 2cm AA
4 squads of 8 Heer
81mm mortar
StuH 42

The quad set up on a hill overlooking most of the battlefield.

Two squads of airborne take cover behind the woods as they advance forward.

Soviet light AT gun sets up overlooking the bombed out farm.

The German mortar takes a shot at the Soviet mortar as it sets up.

The German defenders hunker down behind the rubble and stone wall.

German MG-42 sets up in the rubble and fires on the Soviet AT gun.

After waxing the Soviet HQ the quad tears up a horde of Airborne riflemen.

Withering fire cuts though the Soviets.

The German mortar hits the Soviet mortar (but only kills one guy). While the StuH drives on to support the Heer.

Soviet Airborne troops advance to the edge of the grass supported by the BA-10

The 45mm AT gun bounces a round off the StuH 42.

So does the BA-10.

Soviet scouts arrive in time to intercept a squad of German reserves.

Fire from the Quad takes out the truck full of inexperienced dudes.

The AA truck pulls up and puts fire on the Germans.

The Germans hold firm.

German troops dismount from this truck, but draw fire from a variety of enemy units.  (thats one of Andy's new pin markers)

The AA Truck mows down those Germans and the truck is knocked out be the surviving Soviet riflemen.

The Red Tide pushes over the hill.

Mortar fire just misses the quad.

The StuH puts pins on the BA-10 and AA Truck.

These Soviet troops try to sneak around the blazing truck.

Fighting on the hill becomes intense as squads are thrown at each other in ferocious hand to hand combat.

In all the Soviets lose two squads and the Germans lose two from the hand to hand.  Then the German mortar scores a direct hit eliminating the 82mm mortar.

The 45mm AT gun immobilizes the StuH 42.

After loosing 3.5 squads to the quad and Heer on the hill the way is cleared for the surviving Soviets.

The StuH takes out the AA truck with its MG, while the BA-10 backs up from too many pins.

The Soviets on this flank cut their loses and make it to the board edge.

The Germans desperately try to catch up by kill more Soviet units.

They fail to kill the BA-10 while runs again.

They score several hits on the 45mm AT gun, but the gun shield saves the day.

Final score Russian 20 German 14.  I was able to get 5 units (15 points) off the board and kill 5 German units (5 points).  While the Germans only managed to kill 7 Soviet units (14 points).  The Germans had to have a big turn seven to close it out, but failed to kill the require units to tie the game.

It was a fun game, Andy is really getting the rules down so it played quick.  The quad 2cm was nasty, its just a bummer it cant turn an fire, because it was picking units up.  I think it accounted for half the German kills.  As my infantry advanced across the board it just got chewed up, especially small units.  The rate of fire is awesome and it has some killing power.  Definitely have plans to pick on up in the future.  There was some mean talk of mounting it in the back of a armored halftrack to give it some mobility.

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