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Sunday, July 13, 2014

WWPD Does Historicon

Historicon 2014 is happening July 17-20, in Fredricksburg, VirginiaWWPD works very closely with HMGS, who sponsors the convention, with a variety of events with a detailed list coming up shortly.  WWPD and our close friends sponsor tournaments, host painting classes, GM games, drink beer and we even put on a little podcast on Saturday evening that you may have heard of.  This year we wanted to say thank you to the war gaming community that has been so generous to us.

At the end of each podcast we like to have some giveaways, usually in the form of a raffle for the folks who attend the show.  We have been incredibly fortunate to have great sponsors who, without hesitation, contributed some really incredible prize support for us.  Please visit their sites and support them, as they help make the Flames of War (and Bolt Action... and Saga... and really everything gaming related!) community the best in the world.  I have included some pictures and some of the items we will have the privilege of giving away at Historicon. 

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine
Jasper and WSS have donated a One Year Subscription and an assortment of 40 WSS, Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare Magazine.  This is just a small sample of the goodness they provided.

World Of Tanks
The folks at WoT have put together a great package of prizes for us including a variety of memorabilia and game passes. Here's a couple of pictures of the packages of cool stuff with my kids helping me organize it all.

CGR Painters
These guys have gone over the top.  A D-Day diorama 28"x32"painted by Jesse Sheaffer and the German army defending the beach.  The units are from the 352 Festungkompanie out of Atlantik wall.  They are also providing some Bolt Action platoons and some other great looking figures along with our favorite wash, Magic Mud.  Take a look at these pics.

Easy Army
Our Friend Gregg is providing some great Flames of War loot and rumor has it that a Remagen book may be included.

Plastic Soldier Company
Will at PSC has given us 10 boxes of PSC models to give away!  There are an assortment of boxes so there is definitely something for everyone here.

The War Store
The War Store is providing two of their gift certificates.  So anything you do not find at Historicon, you will surely find it on their site!

Of course it would not be a WWPD live podcast without the support of the makers of Flames of War.  The folks at Battlefront always provide a generous supply of blisters, boxes and books.

Winged Hussar Publishing
Vince and his team at Winged Hussar are providing an assortment of great historical selections for the podcast and tournaments.  Make sure you check their site and use the coupon code WWPD59 to save 20% on your next purchase.

I really want this one for myself.  Look at the detail, Holy Cow!

We would like to take a moment to that all of our sponsors.  Without this terrific support we would not be able to host these great events and provide fantastic prizes for the tournaments. We are looking forward to another great Historicon.  We'll see you there!

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