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Monday, July 14, 2014

Historicon Sneak Peek: Reconquest Titan

Titan, the largest of Saturn’s moons, was taken by the Scourge in 2513. While Titan only had limited civilian and military infrastructure, it served as an important jump route between Earth and the Colonies. As part of the Greater Reconquest, High Command has decided to retake Titan to serve as a frontline staging ground for battles closing in towards Earth. However, due to the constraints of building a new colony from the ground up and getting materials to that end of the star map, High Command has decided to attempt to land on Titan’s surface and take it back, rather than destroying everything from orbit and attempting to rebuild.

This past weekend, I ran a test game of Reconquest: Titan, a scenario I'll be running at Historicon this week. It consisted of roughly 4k points of combined UCM, PHR, and Shaltari forces attempting to retake an abandoned city from the Scourge.

The Scourge we scattered throughout the city, mainly showing their grav-tanks and walkers.

The attack was lead by the UCM. The UCM brought both an armored spearhead force oh light, medium, and heavy tanks, and an airborne force of airborne infantry, interceptors, bombers, and gunships.

The UCM called in some diplomatic assistance from the Shaltari and the PHR. While they sent token forces to help out, it remains unclear where exactly their loyalties lie....

 Once the battle got underway, things moved pretty quick. It started with basic simply prowlers muching on steel tanks...

...and suddenly escalated to Godzilla attacking....

...a giant cannon being airdropped in....

...and razorworm ambushes!

 Many more surprises and fun await when the game gets played out in it's entirety at Historicon later this week!


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