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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Historicon Picture Dump

How we all feel during Historicon
By The Whole Team

We had a great time at Historicon. We sponsored 4 tournaments, played a ton of games and had 115 people show up to the podcast on Saturday. We got to meet a lot of folks and saw many old friends of the show. We have to stop and thank our sponsors who really went above and beyond to ensure EVERY person who attended the podcast got some kind of prize.

Historicon is a convention where you can really cram a lot of gaming in a few days. Likewise, you can cover just about any era of history that you have an interest. Want to recreate Caesar battling in Gaul?  Want to fight against Cromwell in the English civil war? Want to fight ironclads on the open sees? You looking to lead troops across no man lands in WWI or command a Panzer Company against a Soviet T-34 horde? Historicon has it all. If you have a particular love of an era of history, but finding folks in your area is difficult you will find those games and gamers here.

We haven't even mentioned the dealer hall. You can buy just about anything you want for gaming, whether it is paints, terrain, miniatures, sculpting tools, air brushes or anything you could not find locally is there. The flea market always offers the opportunities for great deals on, well just about everything you can think of.

They made some improvements to the facility this year as well. The floor was carpeted and more dividers were erected to cut the noise factor down dramatically. Just for Judson they added additional toilet facilities and cleaned the bathrooms much more frequently. :)

The next convention is Fall In November 7th-9th in Lancaster, PA.  We hope to see you there.

On to the pics!

I-95 Mid War Doubles Tournament.

Steve and Ed's doubles team tournament fighting with Kurt and Jesse.
Mid War Nationals!


All Quiet on the Martian Front!
The All's Quiet on the Martian Front game was a HUGE hit!

The models were incredible and the board was truly outstanding.

Tripods close in

American Civil War

It would not be Historicon without a plethora of American Civil War games

Including one by our own local tournament hosts the I95 Guys:

A gorgeous Wargames Illustrated display board.

Scott Simonenau's amazing Drop Zone Commander board

Board Game Night? Every Night!

Train wreck
Bolt Action!

Cbax checks his dice for hits
Japanese charge out of a ditch on a beautiful custom table made by the Brader family
British infantry loaded up with pins
More Gaming!
Steve!  We have to play this game next convention.

And drinking...

WWPD's official Attorney.

I couldn't get everyone in the picture even with the panorama mode.

The big give a way prize.  Thanks Jesse and CGR!

Jesse and Kai (the winner)
One of many prize packs put together from the ton of support provided by and World of Tanks given out at several tournaments and during the live podcast.

These kids love Historicon.

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