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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Historicon Mid-War Doubles!

By Eric Lauterbach

Luke having out of control fun!!!
 Another great year at Historicon! The WWPD crew joined in the fun with 70 players in the doubles tournament.  The Mid-War event had each two man team playing roughly 1000 point companies, joined up to make 2000 points on the table.  The doubles event is always a good time.  Playing with a friend takes some of the hard work off you. If you have never tried one of these tournaments, I would recommend it greatly.  This year I allowed each team to pick a team nickname and I was not disappointed with what they came up with!  Probably have to keep that for next year.

"Throck of War" fighting the hordes of team "Lots of Dead Guys"

Chris, and Kurt smiling for the camera

Burgess, Grau and Magnuson McClelland  hard at it.

Team "WAG"  is amazed by Eric Rhia's unique beer drinking style.

No wonder Rhia's team was named "Short Bus"
The Westermeyers  "Team Alpha"

Cowert and Wismer the eventual winners "Team Dirty Hippies"

"Team Cheetos" vs "Team Jackboot Joe Lewis"

Joe Moore surprised 

Byron, Ned, and Mike gaming it out.

"Team Spicy Meatball"

"Team America W.P."

Luke "Team Donkey Punch"

Jacobs, Koches, vs Stephens, Dominic

Jim Best times two, from team "Best x2"

"Team Redstone"

"Team Baby Seals" vs the "Cyclone Rangers"

Team "Sted McLeland"

Team "Stonewall and Jackson"

"Team Daka..Daka"

The "John Brothers"

Team "Sulentosh"
And special thanks to my "Ringer Team"  Greenwald and Tinsley. 
As I mentioned above the "Dirty Hippies" (Cowert/Wismer) playing Finnish won the tournament, with the "Torrid Old Tankers" (Desch/Moore) coming in second with Americans.  In Third place we had (Allen/Willcox) "The Cheetoes" playing Americans as well.  We had a great time doubles is usually much lower stress than most tournaments its just fun good time with your buds.

See you next year!!!!

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