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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bolt Action - Historicon 2014 Review

 Historicon occurred in Fredericksburg this weekend.

Bolt. Action. Happened.

These images come in no particular order, and represent, to-date, my best effort of actually taking pictures at an event. Usually, this would entail taking one picture of all the people milling about before the games, then one shot before the start of my first game, then forgetting about taking pictures.

100% better this time!

Friday's games brought players from around the globe - OK, OK, I'm simply exploiting DaveOwaR's attendance to whip that phrase out; but we did have a guy come all the way from Los Angeles to participate. Thanks Shane, great meeting you. Hope you can come to another event I'm actually playing in!

One of my personal highlights was the table provided by Brader's Layout Design. Tournament regular and BARbarian John and his dad hooked us up with this, and it was very nice to see people playing on this sort of table.

The Friday tournament allowed for 1000 point lists and used random scenarios determined on-site. This worked well enough in my opinion, although there was a bit of a discussion over whether or not Top Secret should be included as an option. I ultimately decided to include it, which ended up being significant. I imagine DaveOwaR might reference on the next episode of LRDG.

The entire first tournament flew by for me, as the organizer, although calling myself that is a bit of a stretch - big thanks to Captain TO, MikePWithTheMasterPlan, and Mustache for schlepping their terrain to the site early for this event.

Could not have done it without them, because US Air discourages trying to fit twelve tables' worth into the overhead.

The three scenarios ended up being Maximum Attrition, Top Secret (of course), and Hold Until Relieved. I think.

I'm pretty confident on the first two, but for some reason the last one is eluding me. There was a lot of, uh, post event coverage that occurred. Every day of the convention. Extending way too late into the night. 

 Awards were handed out for Best Axis, Best Allied, Best Painted, and Best New Guy. The Best Axis result was from CH, Enemy of the Civilized World. His revamped Italians were the only undefeated list in the event. The Best Allied went to Gordon, in a close battle amongst four Allied players. Gordon was overdue, as he'd been robbed in several previous events victory by the narrowest margins. John Brader brought home another crown for Best Painted, and Matt the Navigator placed highest of all the first time players.


In Captain TO's event, even more players showed up, and the awards kept coming. Roughly eight players decided to participate in both events, thereby competing for various BARbarian's Cup events.

Captain TO will definitely be posting on the forum eventually what the results were for his event. I don't want to steal his thunder, but I will let you know who walked away with BARbarian's Cup awards.

Prizes for all of the events were donated by many generous groups. Warlord Games donated hundreds in gift certificates, Trenchworks donated nine beautiful prototype tanks from the kickstarter going on now. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy donated copies of issues and a one-year subscription to the magazine. World of Tanks donated all sorts of goodies included free in-game gold, and finally, your subscription fees and viewership of these articles contributed hundreds to prize support for the event. Thanks to you for that, and thanks to the players for participating.

Matt the Navigator, as a first timer, managed to win Best Axis General with his consistently solid play over two days. He ran a rough and ready IJA list that gave a lot of people fits throughout both events. Rock 'n roll, Matt!

No one walked away with the Best Minor General award because CH, the only minor power, failed to participate in the second day's event. Way to go CH! Best Painted went to The BAR's own Craig Baxter for his solid showing in both days' painting events. Takin' it home with the Soviets!

The Best Allied general was an insanely close race. Each player involved in the top four of the Allied race had placed in the top four in both events. They were so evenly matched, as a matter of fact, they all switched positions exactly in the second event. That is to say, one player was 1st and 4th in the events; another was 4th and 1st; one was 2nd and 3rd; the last 3rd and 2nd. This meant separating them on position alone was impossible. Therefore, determination came down to enemy units destroyed, and Gordon took it with a one kill difference over the next player.

My favorite award, HANOSWAG, was taken by Hometown Hero Allen. At least, I think he was the hometown hero - seems like he told me he was local. At any rate, his list included not only a Hanomag, but a big, swaggy Pak 40; a tasty ten-man veteran squad costing 187 points; a veteran panzershreck at 104; and a list that only included eight order dice.

Hometown Hero Allen is my hero as well. Allen exhibited all the attributes that make players of this game so fantastic to play against. He was polite, funny, and brought units for the right reason: Because he thought they were cool. Here's hoping we all take a page out of Allen's playbook before our next event.

So much!

There is plenty of room in the back seat of a late model Camaro for a guy that's 6'5". In case you wondered. Just another mystery solved in Fredericksburg.

My very own Bolt Action Betty took me off the market days before the con, and, of course, was cool with me heading to it. Thanks again, lady!

Remember the convention? Chat us up about it on the forum!

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