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Friday, July 4, 2014

Hail to the King: Part I

Here at WWPD, you've probably heard us go on for hours about how to deal with German big cats in Flames of War. Rarely do we discuss how to drive them. With the list options in Remagen, I've been giving serious thought to the issue. Enough thought to currently be assembling 6 King Tigers!

In part one, I am briefly going to discuss a possible army list, while in part two I will detail how I intend to run the list in various situations. Pending the commitment of a guinea pig, hopefully subsequent parts will detail battle reports featuring the list!

Quick aside: I apologize that you all haven't seen much from me on WWPD of late. As you all know, we've recently moved home from New Zealand, and are just now starting to settle. We only recently received our belongings after having them in a shipping container for around 10 months! At the time of writing, we are nowhere near unpacked- and that includes my miniatures. Thankfully, every box I've opened so far has been free from any serious damage- with the exception of my helicopters for 'nam. They needed some love. 

Remagen has a lot of great big cat lists to choose from! I love the idea of Jagdtigers, but I think it's just a hair on the "too few hulls" side of things. To that end, I have to go with the Schwere Panzerkompanie. Reluctant Vet Kings with Ace Skills are tempting, but at 1650 points (which I will be shooting for), that's not many hulls. 510. Schwere Panzer Abteilung it is.

That means No Kampfgrupping, and auto-defend. I can still stormtrooper, which is handy with so few hulls. 215 for a King tiger isn't bad. Considering a veteran Panther is around 185, we're hoping the TA 2 mitigates the trained, and the impenetrable front armor will keep them alive.

But oh, we have weaknesses. Side armor, low hulls, poor motivation. Let's get mitigating!

HQ and Combat Platoons

Alright, this is easy. I already said I'm painting 6 King Tigers, and I intend to use them. HQ, and 2 platoons of 2. That brings us to 1290!

Volkssturm (AKA Xyzax Bloodbags)
Disclaimer: That name is horrible, and I certainly intend no disrespect to the men (and boys) forced to endure such awful conditions at the end of the war. I am only goofin' on the platoon as it is represented in FOW. Cool?

Alright, side armor is one of our biggest drawbacks. I like the idea of two of these speedbumps, spread along our frontline in a checkerboard pattern with the Kings immediately behind them to discourage flanking and assaults. Of course, even gone to ground these guys are hit on 4s, and losing 5 means you're making a 5+ check. Still, the hope is that their relationship with the king tigers can be symbiotic, and they can help keep each other alive.

At 1500
Right now we're sitting at 1500 exactly (1490 if you take the LMGs in the Volkssturm- I'm thinking those are a good buy). However, at 1500 I would heavily consider dropping a king tiger and spending that 215 points on 2 support platoons so we could start with 5 kings on the table rather than 4 with 2 in reserve.

At 1650
Assuming we have 150 or 160 left, I'd spend 70 points on 3 15cm NW41 in a Volks Rocket Launcher Battery, and the rest on one of the Luftwaffe light AA gun batteries- probably 4 2cm Flakvierling 38s.

At 1750
I'd probably just add air support- something to go after artillery (edit: Air is only available to the 506, so arty it is!).

Alright, so there it is- at 1650 (which I am considering the base-line for this!), we're talking about 6 tanks, a rocket battery, 2 platoons of garbage infantry, and some AA. But we get to defend, and we get to start with all 6 king tigers, and both platoons of infantry on the board in a half on/half off situation.

It's a starting point!

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