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Monday, July 28, 2014

FoW Great War: Mitchell’s Marauders Part I: The Riflemen

We're going to talk a two part look at the Mitchell's Marauders box set (the upcoming 1500pt British box set for FoW Great War). First, we're going to look at the meat and potatoes of the set - the riflemen. In a later post, we'll look at the rest of the support options included. Part two will be posted on Wednesday, so make sure to check back!

The box set comes with:
  • Two full rifle platoons
  • A full HMG platoon
  • A two-gun artillery detachment
  • A single Whippet
  • Two MKIV tanks

Each rifle platoon blister comes with enough figures to make one full rifle platoon, and an additional command stand and a sniper team. Thus, after the two blisters of figures included in the box set, you'll have two full platoons, a CiC and 2iC, a sniper team (two actually, but you can only use one), and a few extra figures.

Each platoon has four stands of riflemen, two MGs, two rifle grenade stands, and a command stand.

The riflemen figures have bayonets. At first I was worried about them being flimsy and breaking off (like the Strelkovy ones), but they're pretty thick and durable (that's what she said!)

You get four rifle grenade figures, so I put two on each rifle grenade stand, and added extra figures that were throwing grenades to the rifle grenade stands to make them stand out in all of their grenade-y goodness.

I only put three figures on each MG stand, again to help them standout from the rifles.

A full platoon of riflemen.

And of course, you get two blisters of riflemen in the box, so double all the contents!

Each blister has enough extra figures to make an extra command stand and a sniper team. So combine both, and you can make a CiC, 2iC, and a pair of snipers (but remember, you only get one on the list!)

Some action shots!

I really enjoyed putting these figures together. The sculpts were crisp and required very little cleanup, and I had no bayonets or other small bits break off.

Just the HQ, Sniper, and two Rifle Platoons comes to 425 pts as Confident Trained, or 540 as Confident Veteran.

In a future post, we'll take a look at the all the support platoons that come in the Mitchell's Marauders box set!

Miniatures generously provided to WWPD by Battlefront Miniatures.

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