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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FoW Great War: Mitchell's Marauders pt II: The Support Platoons

In Part I, we looked at the core rifle platoons in the Mitchell's Marauders box set. Today we'll look at all the support options included.

First up, we have a platoon of four HMGs. You get four gunners, four loaders, seven NCOs and riflemen, and the guns themselves, which come in two pieces.

We also have a two 18 pdrs. You can field a one or two gun detachment, in which case this covers you fine. If you want to field the entire artillery battery (three or six guns), you'll need to buy an extra blister or two. Note that you get some command figures to make a command stand as well, but if fielding the detachment option, the guns are their own command teams.

And that wraps up all the infantry support. Quite an impressive looking force in the boxset.

That brings us to the tanks. You get two MKIVs in the box, and one Whippet.

The MKIVs are mostly resin, including the tracks, similar to the T35 box set. It also includes a decal sheet.


Something that I didn't realize until I was glueing together is that the sponsons have holes for magnets, which will allow you to switch between the male and female versions as needed. Our copy of the box set didn't come with magnets, but as ours was an early production copy, it's possible the final release version might.

The Whippet has metal tracks like most Battlefront tanks, but a single piece hull.

As with the riflemen, these kits were a joy to assemble and paint.

The total box set clocks in at 1500 pts for Confident Trained and 1770 pts for Confident Veteran. (Ninja edit: Post originally mentioned lower points levels - I'm bad at math!)

If considering the British for FoW: Great War, I highly recommend at least one box set of Mitchell's Marauders, and if you don't mind a lot of tanks, possibly two! As suggested in the sales brief, if expanding this force, I would consider adding some trench mortars as the next expansion, and possibly some more infantry beyond that.

Models generously provided by Battlefront Miniatures.

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