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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dirty Jon's German Collection - Flames of War

I really consider myself a British player in Flames of War. However, I took a look at my collection the other day and saw a ton of Germans. What I started as a side project had really become quite a massive bunch of models. I started this to have 'something to play' when my frequent opponents wanted to play Allies. Luke is pretty much a US player, and Steven had been the German side for most of our matches. What I quickly discovered was the wide variety of models available in the German arsenal.

I originally planned to have 'just enough' to put together some lists and get by. As I started list-building, I added units that would offer me the most flexibility. I went with PzIIIs early on so that I could play both Mid and Late War - via the Hermann-Goering Division. This lead to artillery options, in shape of mortars and Nebelwerfers. PaK 40s were added very soon, and off we go.

Another important factor in my blossoming collection was the availability of some VERY steep discounts from retail. I tend to wait to buy things at conventions or when the price is just too good to pass up online. I routinely get things for 50% off retail. Now, I usually have to pick up things that are out of cycle, which is why I can have some fairly old school things in my painting queue.  

Once I started with some Late War Germans, I quickly expanded the collection to be suitable for Mid War. I mean, while I was at it, I might as well have things that are good in both periods, right? This is when I started with the Panzer IVs, Tigers, and Panthers. I might as well have some Early War too, right? Especially if it is cheap?

As you can see in the video, I have come to own quite a bit of Germans. I have spent quite a bit on storage for this 'side army' and it continues to grow. So, enjoy my affliction in the video.

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