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Monday, July 14, 2014

DAK Projekt: Part V Ready for Historicon!

"Yes, Fritz, we are stopping here for fuel.. they have the best Strudels this side of Bremen!"

Don't mind the computer cords, my computer area is also my painting area!

Well, I am all set for Historicon 2014 which is a Mid War tournament at 1485 points. In my previous installments, to be found:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I morphed from an EW list to a MW list, as the tournament era has since changed. I was able to play in the first local EW tournament and got Best Presentation, and for this I painted all that infantry I had. Which led me to change my list somewhat for the Big Show in July. I'll let the pics below do most of the talking:

Marder III H's which are FK-36(r) captured Russian guns mounted on Czech 38(t) chassis. AT-11, so a poor man's Marder.

 I always have trouble differentiating commanders so instead of the usual red Nazi flag, I went with something more sinister.. Officers with a Map!

Objectives: The only thing worse than an officer with a map are multiple officers sharing a map! The objective on the right is based on the British EW Montgomery objective, and a Zvezda Opel Blitz truck. The idea is that they are looting a broken down British supply carrier. (Hint, had nudie mags in it too)

Schutzen platoon with 2 attached FK-36(r). While the Marders in this list are downgraded, these guns are an upgrade to the usual attached Pak-38s. AT-10, Range 32, FP 3+, whats not to love!

 The real PaK-40s

 Command after parking their Kettenrads, AKA those halftrack motorbikes, HAD to have them!

As you can see, the skin pics have already been filtered down to the troops.. for "morale"! The FK-36 was made from a Zis 3 gun and re-bored to take Pak40 ammo. The gun isn't glued down since the bases and crew I also use for my 10.5cm artillery.. why paint two sets of crew?

 3 Nebelwerfers, a no-brainer for every MW German army.

The second Schutzen platoon, again with attached FK-36(r)s. Not pictured, the scouting 8-rads that bring this to an even 1485 points. Below are the EW elements I had painted:

 For Early War, the best bang for your buck is the Pz II.  

For some reason in EW a Panzer IV D has almost identical stats to a Honey Stuart but is 175% the cost. I went with 5 x Pz IIs and 4 x PzrJgr Is which were less points combined as just 5 Pzr IIIs!!!

 For some reason I just love the PzrJgr I model.. so tiny, so slow (halftrack), so helpless (0 armor all around, 0 MGs) but man, that AT 8 is murder! Recon scout cars in the background mounting Pzr II turret.

A close up of my maps made by saving colour map photos, reducing down onto a Word file, and printing.. on my $35 cheapo printer.Turned out awesome looking. Finding tasteful '40's era pin-ups was 'interesting research' that the wife didn't find amusing for some reason! ;)

See you guys at Historicon!!

Matt Varnish, plays Flames of War up in Canada with the lads from  Surprisingly, I don't even have a Canadian army............ yet!

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