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Monday, July 7, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: US vs Germans D-Day +7 (part 2 of 2)

And now the exciting conclusion to the D-Day +7 AAR. When we left off the Americans had just stumbled into the Germans.  The Tiger had easily handled the US Sherman and firefights broke out all along the lines.  If you missed part 1 of 2, click here or visit our Battle Reports page.

US and German troops exchange fire across the bocage,

German MG-42 takes up position covering the road.

US mortar fire flies past German defenders.

After loosing their spotter, the German mortar team redeploys near the manor.

A pilots eye view of the battlefield.

German and US troops engage in fierce hand to hand combat. 

American troops take up position outside of the manor.

Overwhelming US forces slowly take control of the hedge line.

US artullery fire takes our a German squad.

US reinforcement arrive from the flank.

The Germans are prepared and their light howitzer welcomes them with a quick shot to the face.

The Stuart moves up to support the attack.

German troops, fearing mortar fire, fall back.

US .30 cals fire upon a squad of Germans as the emerge from the woods, killing four.

A handful of German defenders hold on for dear life against a flood of Yanks. 

Feeling the presure the Tiger backs up.

German Tank Hunters take out the grey hound. 

Americans close with the Tiger.

German Tank Hunters take out the Stuart.

Germans redeploy their howitzer to fend of the Americans attacking up the center.

This GermanTank Hunter team holds the road.

American attackers take heavy casualties as the make their move for the objectives.

Bazooka vs Panzerchrek

Bazooka vs Tiger - Tiger wins

In the last moment of the game the German command team runs forward and snags this objective winning the game for the Germans.

Bolt Action happened in this game. The Americans controlled the situation all the way to the end, when the German stole victoy from their clutches. The Americans and Germans each controlled the objectives on their back line, but the Americans could not kill or over run the Germans on two of the three middle objectives, despite overwhelming numbers. The Americans threw everything they had at those two objectives and in the process abandoned the one objective they controlled. The cunning Germans saw this and ran forward securing the open objective. By the time the Americans realized what happened it was too late.  Had a great game.  Bocage is interesting and frustrating, but fun.  I would encourage all of you to try playing on a bocage boogie board atleast once.

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