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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Soviets and Germans Demo Game

Growing any game you love is the best way to ensure you will play it for years to come.  As an ambassador of your game you have to be willing to set aside time to run demo games.  Demonstration games give you the opportunity to bring new players into the game and also helps improve your understanding of the rules.

I ran a demo game for two guys locally.  I tried to keep it simple and not have crazy weapons, tanks, or units, and we played Maximum Attrition.  I know some of you are not the biggest fan of Maximum Attrition, but I find it to be the best mission for demo games.  For this game we had a Soviet and German platoon duking it out over a farm.  Rumor has it there are live pigs on the farm and everyone wants some bacon.

Soviet Army
Senior Lieutenant
Maxim MMG
3 x LMG Squads
1 x Free Squad
82mm Mortar

German Army
1st Lieutenant
Panzer III J
SdKfz 222
81mm Mortar
3 x Heer Squads
Light Howitzer

German and Soviet troops move forward to capture the pigs.

Soviet troops move towards the hogs covered by a T-34.

Soviet mortar and ZiS-3 crews set up their guns.

German troops also set their eyes on the bacon.

German troops split their forces taking aim at the bacon from two angles.

German and Soviet tanks bounce rounds off each other.

German mortar fire tries to rain in its fire on Soviet troops.

Two more squads of Soviets move to the left and put a hurt on the Germans moving in the woods.

German troops bring on their reinforcements.

Soviet mortar fire hits their target.

German troops in the house stop the advance of Soviet reinforcements by knocking out their truck.

A bulls eye shot from the light howitzer takes out the ZiS-3.

Soviet troops close in on the pigs, but face strong German resistance.

Soviet troops begin pushing back the Germans.

The Panzer III takes out the T-34, but finds itself outflanked by a BA-10.

ALAMO! ALAMO! for the Germans.

The cavalry arrives.

Soviet and German MMGs exchange fire.

The Soviet assault begins to bog down, not a lot of casualties, but a lot of pins.

The Sdkfz 222 takes our the BA-10.

The Soviet ATR takes a plunk at the Sdkfz 222.

Soviet troops finally make it to the fence.

German casualties mount, but they fiercely hold off the Red Horde.

The Senior Lieutenant unsuccessfully assault the ALAMO.

After watching their leader die these Soviets don't want to go anywhere.

One last push from the Soviets fails to drive the Germans back.

It was a great game, but in the end the Germans prevailed taking out 7 of the 12 Soviet units.  The Germans took a lot of casualties, but they held it together and in the end controlled the farm and captured the pigs.  We had a lot of fun.  I really like putting games together for new players, its aways an enjoyable experience.

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