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Monday, June 30, 2014

Remagen AAR - Germans vs. US in Hasty Attack

Sean and I got in our first Flames of War Remagen game the other night with some fairly weird lists.  I have only a moderate amount of Americans, so I had to use what was available.  We rolled randomly - Sean got the Germans, and I got the Americans.  For the random mission, we got Hasty Attack.

US Tank Company - 3rd Armored Division (RV)

190 HQ - 2X M4A3 Shermans (late)

495 Jumbo, M4A3 (late), 2X M4A3E8 Easy 8

495 Jumbo, M4A3 (late), 2X M4A3E8 Easy 8

100 Armored Mortar Platoon

290 Full Armored Rifle Platoon w/.50cals

75 Recon Platoon - 3X Rifle Team, 2X Jeep, M2 Halftrack w/.50cal

125 Sherman Assault Gun Platoon - 2X M4A3 (105mm)

512 Schwere PanzerJaegerkompanie - 2. Kompanie (RT)

535 HQ - 2X Jagdtiger (RT)

270 Jagdtiger (RT) 

220 Panzergrenadier Platoon - 7X Panzerfaust/MG teams, 3X Sdkfz 251/1 Sdkfz 251/17 (RV)

420 654. Schwere Planzerjaeger Platoon - 2X Jagdpanther (RV)

105 Panzer Scout Platoon - 5X Panzerfaust/MG teams (RT)

105 Volks Light Artillery Batters - 3X 105cm guns + HQ & Staff (RT)

110 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Battery 2X 8.8cm FlaK36 + extra crew

The board. 
I tried for a bit of thick terrain up top, the town in the center, and some open area at the bottom. I put a generous amount of roads down so that we would not get too clogged up.

Sean is the defender here, due to the Always Defends special rule. He decides to deploy his artillery and Jagdpanthers to cover the three objectives. His 88s are in immediate ambush, and his CiC and 2iC come down in Jagdtigers. This leaves the Panzergrenadiers, a Jagdtiger and his Scouts in Delayed and Scattered Reserves.

I decide to deploy both tank platoons and the armored rifle platoon. This leaves me with a recon platoon, Sherman 105s and the armored mortars in Reserves. I need to get on top of the objectives as quickly as possible. I have removed the objective in the open, obviously.

I put one platoon in the middle to threaten the JT and JPs, should they take off to the right, toward the objective I am trying for.
88s deployed in Immediate Ambush


Shermans and the ARP run up the right flank. There are scary 88s and a JT to contend with, so the platoons huddle behind a wood. I make sure to bring my CiC on this side, as he will be needed for motivation in any assaults.

I bring in the recon platoon from Reserves - I figure I might need them to lift Gone to Ground. I did not have a spare Jeep without a .50 cal, so we ignored the one pictured on the left.

I move my other tank platoon in to cover, but I did not quite get out of the way of Sean's observer. He calls in artillery, but to no effect.


I bog down an Easy 8 right from the start - it is the commander, too! Luckily, I have the 2iC over here to lead the platoon forward.  I take some shots at the observer, to no effect.

Guns blaze away at the 105s and the 88s. I roll a ton of dice, but to no real effect. The ARP have gotten mostly out of their halftracks and headed through the wood, leaving behind just enough to man the .50cals.

I get the armored mortars on the board, and promptly forget to deploy the command halftrack. No matter, we play on!

I manage to kill a gun and pin the platoon. I was hoping for more than that with Trained guns with a 5+ save.

The 2iC lines up a shot, but missed.

Sean moves his JPs to a hull-down position, but has no good shots. No hits on the Americans.

The US is not so lucky on this side, and the JT takes out a Sherman.

Fire from the 88s is ineffective, as Sean needed 6s.


Everything on the US side moves up. The ARP is sneaking through the woods toward the objective, with the CiC hanging back in support. The halftracks move up and shoot at all the German guns.

A brave Sherman puts direct fire smoke into the JT.

All the fire takes out one measly 88. The Germans have their saves today!

The CiC JT bogs down while trying to make its way around the smoke. There is much rejoicing on the American side.

JPs move up and take shots at the Americans and manage to bail the Jumbo.

Fire from the lone 88 is terribly effective and scores three hits. Two tanks destroyed and one bailed. Ouch! This 88 is the MVP of the whole game!

Sean blows up a couple of US halftracks and kills some of the ARP. They are still strong and a problem for the Germans.

The JPs move up to take some better shots, sending the first US tank platoon packing.


Having lost a platoon and wanting revenge, the Americans move up to shoot and assault the lone 88s.

The ARP moves up without the remaining halftracks -- Sean killed a few the previous turn -- and prepare for what looks like a nice assault.  The armored mortars and the 105s have moved up by this time as well.

The ARP is in!  With the help of the CiC (not pictured), they pass Tank Terror and go in for the kill!  Only three hits in Defensive Fire.

The Shermans easily kill the last 88s.

The ARP goes in and....totally whiffs.  Eight dice needing a 3+ and they all miss.  Sean comes back and kills more stands.

...and the ARP fails its motivation to come back, and fails the platoon morale check, taking the CiC with them.  Not good for the US.

Sean moves a JT to engage the Shermans, but misses.

The JPs move to take on the Shermans and do little.

A Sherman 105 gets destroyed by a JT.


Sherman 105 moves up aggressively and uses direct fire smoke on the JT.

The Sherman platoon wheels back to the center to take shots at the German CiC, to no effect.

The dismounted US recon platoon harasses the 105 battery.

Sean gets Panzergrens on the board and they try to shoot up the remaining US infantry on the board. This object looks solidly in the German hands now.

The remaining US tank platoon takes a lot of fire, but only one tank is destroyed and another bailed. Previously, the long-bogged Easy 8 commander has managed to free himself.

The JT moves for a shot, but misses.

The JP tries to Stormtrooper to safety, having failed to destroy the US tank platoon.

Easy 8s roar to the side of the JP using Detroit's Finest! Score another point for the USA!

The last 105 and the armored mortars -- mysteriously short the command halftrack - manage to kill every single one of the Panzergrenadier halftracks with .50cals. This puts Sean down the 88s, 105s, JPs and PzGrens.

Sean makes his Company Morale Check.

Sean also gets his Scout platoon on the board this turn.

Sean crushes the last US tank platoon, and with no HQ units, I cannot make a Company Morale Check. 4-3 to the Germans!

4-3 to Sean and the Germans

Final Thoughts: When I made these lists, I thought that the Germans would absolutely kill the US list, easy. I was trying to be very careful with my units and not allow them to be shot at in the open. My plan to move the ARP up through the woods, supported by the CiC and a tank platoon seemed like it would work. Alas, the assault was not meant to be! I had a good chance to win this game, but I still think the German list is stronger. I would have loved to get some arty in this list, obviously.

Sean thought that he would not deploy the JTs in the woods if he had to do it over vs. this US list -- there was no reason to take the bog checks or use the cover, as nothing could kill him with direct fire. Other than that, Sean deployed very well with his units supporting each other very effectively.

This was a fun game, and I was glad to get something from Remagen in!

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