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Friday, June 20, 2014

NJCON '06 "Fire In The East" After Action Report

By Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah

Hello from tropical Edison, New Jersey! Home of New Jersey's Premier Wargaming Convention "NJCON."

This year team Throck decided to head up and support the the fine folks from Showcase Comics as they hosted a 1485 point, open mid-war tournament for Flames of War.

I'm personally not as sold on the "it's sooo balanced-ness" of mid-war that I hear out of most Flames players. But I never hesitate to jump into a tournament and meet up with my fellow players, so I decided to do something a little different:

Play the Spanish.

That's right, Division Azul (here's the Flames PDF!). The Spanish Blue Division was originally an all volunteer division brought together as a response to Franco's refusal to join the war. They were equipped and trained as German soldiers so in game they share a similar OOB and most of the same specials rules. The only difference is the swap out of "Stormtrooper" for "British Bulldog" or for the Spanish "Good Luck, watch out and go for the bull" or Suerte, Vista Y Al Toro!

I had a huge amount of fun with this list:

Jesse Shaeffer and Steve Wagner were our kind TO's for the day and they put on a great tournament running Counter Attack, Encounter and one other one I can't remember off the top of my head.

Over the day I played against US Armored Rifles on a wicked open desert table, a US Armored Company in the encounter mission and German Grenadiers swinging with Panzer 1F's and that nasty Assault Platoon with Hans Schmidt. I ended up going 4-3, 6-1, 6-1 and tied for first! But I ended up coming in second because my strength of opponent score was a bit lower.

First through fifth:
1) Jesse Shaeffer, Italian Armored Cars
2) Sean Sarah, Spanish Blue Division
3) Tom Zimmerman, Germans
4) Mitch Reed, Germans
5) Mark Cribbs, Germans

An all Axis Top Five! Go bad guys. Well, enough about my tournament, check out the pics!

Flames Tournament:

Jesse's crazy Italian Armored Car company. 

Division Azul!

German Cossacks?

Soviet naval infantry. 

Kevin Hatch always does a great job with the Dioramas. 

Crazy swirling light armored melee in the desert. 
 Other Bits!

Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command rule set does Pegasus Bridge. 

And of course, some Bolt Action... action.

Plenty of other historicals as well.

The fabulous Sergeants board game

Multiplayer Bolt Action. 

If you're on the east coast and have the time you should totally head on up next year!

Throck edits this har blog. So blame him for all the bad stuff. 

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