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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

News from the Front Episode 77

Welcome back to another jam-packed edition of News from the Front!  

Act I is filled with the guys' recap of recent activities, including playing All's Quiet on the Martian Front, painting and general nerdery. The guys then move on to upcoming events like HistoriconGen Con and an upcoming local tournament.
In Act II, the guys cover the recently released Grey Wolf update and Eric rants on Recon. The guys cover the latest on the Premium Building Subscription and new releases announced by Battlefront.
To wrap up in Act III, it is the return of the book review, with an Anzio themed read. Next, the guys cover commonly overlooked rules and go into detail on Mid War and the upcoming tournament at Huzzah Hobbies.

After Hours 

After Hours is on summer vacation this episode.  Check us out next time!

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